I should have known

Mum has this clay fireplace thing which is in two pieces. Every May I am encouraged to put them outside, keep them cozy in a blue tarp (the elements might harm it), and then put them back inside in the fall, still wrapped. I don’t even have a photo of the thing as we’ve used it maybe once in all the summer’s I’ve been home. I didn’t even know what it was. Mum told me it was a ‘Chimora’ and was Mexican.

Well, it isn’t. It is called a chiminea.

Thank you so much ‘YouTube’ for letting me know I’ve been saying this wrong for YEARS!!! Thank you internet for  helping me. I had no idea what it was mum had in the yard and nor did she.

She was right about the origins, though. It does hail from the warmer regions of the world. There is another odd part.  Mum likes to set it on a couple of patio  bricks in the yard. It should have a stand under it, according to all the photos I’ve seen of the contraptions.

I should have looked it up ages ago. Mum often gets an idea in her head about things and runs with them. I have this tendency, too. Not as often, but I still do it. Sort of stupid. It must be genetic.

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