Mom, Daughter, or Me?


Man on bridge by mum is random fisherman, no relation. 

This has been a crazy week. I have absolutely loved having the kid with me. He’s managed to spread one lightweight duffle around the entire basement, he’s gotten out dozens of my dad’s 33 records, he’s worked his buns mostly off, fished, and I think he’s had a good time. Oddly, I am not sure how he has not learned to hug properly. Thursday evening he was reading and I interrupted him so I could hug him. He lay there like a log after one hand patting me and finally asked, ‘Are you done yet?’ (Granted, he was reading and I was sort of keeping him from finishing the chapter!) I kept a hold of him for quite a while. I miss this kid so much and am so glad he came to visit!!! I’ve gotten to make him a few dinners (we have eaten out a couple of times-well, gotten our food and eaten it at home!) and learned I’ve learned patience.

However, it has not all been fun and fishing. After being treated with the chemical I bought, mum’s laundry room has partially flooded 3 times. (I am so angry-I thought for sure we’d had this fixed! It seems ok at the typing of this post.) Mum has 3 more radiation treatments and is NOT feeling very good at all. Wednesday I was so frustrated with her. I had gone shopping for some things and she was alone for about 4 hours. While I was gone she took a phone call. It appears we are going to assist with a 4H thing on Monday afternoon for several hours. I asked her why she thought she could do this and she responded, ‘I’ll be sitting down the whole time and talking.’ –She’ll be interviewing kids about their record books, looking thru the records to make sure everything is in place, and be in a room with a dozen individuals at the same time. She can’t even attend church, how on earth does she think she can do this???? She said she will and she will push her way thru and guess who will get the brunt of her choice? Yup, the daughter. I was talking to her radiation head nurse on Thursday morning, because I was still annoyed, and even she was startled. ‘Your mom can’t do that! She’s going to completely exhaust herself.’

Anyway, I was mad. So, I said if she was going to feel well enough to work with other kids, I was going to take her to the bridge to watch her grandson fish. I bullied her into going and it was good. We drove out there, she got out of the car, walked to the kid, and talked for about 20 min. When we got home and I made dinner, she started to fade fast. She was almost ready to throw up, she didn’t finish her single waffle and 2 sandwich sized slices of ham. She went to bed at 9 pm, which she rarely does, and I was certain sure she was going to need to be taken in to the ER. (note: our ER is now called an ‘ED’ or Emergency Department. Oddly, on a medical form, ED stands for Erectile Dysfunction.)  I didn’t and when we got to her treatment the next morning, she said she was doing well. Sometimes I want to throttle her!

I, myself, went to the doctor on Thursday. It appears I have yet another sinus infection. The nice dr person wrote me a script to get a CT scan of my sinus area. (Like I’m going to be able to get THAT done!) He also gave me antibiotics and told me I need to get my glucose better maintained when I mentioned my feet hurt all the time. Mum’s car is not getting fixed this week (the young man working at the shop we go to has been working alone the last couple of weeks and he’s swamped.) and I have not heard back from the windshield place about getting that repaired. However, the shop and garage now have power again (It seems the line was cut last summer; I actually have photos taken just before the incident! It was mended perfectly, unfortunately, the lines were also compromised a foot or so above the break. And those were the problem) and I have heat in my bedroom. I hadn’t whined about it, but if I am going to be here a full winter, I decided to see if it could be addressed. Turns out the electric wall heaters in my room each have their own thermostat, but they don’t work if the main thermostat in the laundry room isn’t on!

I have decided I much prefer the mom hat over the daughter hat. It would be lovely to hand off the daughter hat for a bit and wear a me hat, but am completely sure that isn’t going to happen.

Que Sera, Sera. (I mentioned this phrase to one of the receptionists who works for one of mum’s doctors and we took off on Doris Day. So very cool, she is an under 30 fan!!!)

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