Sure, Mum…..


Mum has not had radiation the last two days (Thursday and Friday). She’s not felt good. Tired and in a great deal of pain. Her oncologist has told her it will take time til she feels better (his favorite phrase!) and that the radiation will stay in her system for a few weeks after she’s done. Her 19-9 number has gone up to near 1700. In a healthy person it is in the 30’s, her oncologist wants to keep it in the 1000 range.

She hurts so much! Friday she was able to visit with the oncologist counselor. I let them visit alone. I write to the counselor often, just t. o keep her updated. After their visit, I needed to go to the local Alaskan cell phone outpost. I swear, it is like being in the age of needing outposts! At any rate, my phone was explained to me and I celebrated by getting mini blizzards (mum prefers the small ones). On the way home she was chatting to me (she had also had one pain pill and one nausea pill—or I think that is what she took. She dosed herself and I didn’t hear her when she told me what she had taken!)

She was discussing how no one on her mom’s side had ever had hearing aids. They’d had lots of eye problems, but not hearing aids. Then, she wandered off into other health issues the different sides of her family had, touching again on hearing aids a couple of more times.

Out of the blue, she popped this statement into the conversation:

“But, they had crabapples.”

I opted to remain quiet.

(Apples on tree are called ‘snow apples’ and are growing on ranch in EO)

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