Night Sky


It was just after 4 am. I woke mum and wandered outside with the dog. The moon was in partial mode, but when I stepped into the dark spaces inside the trees shadows, the sky was amazing!!!! After putting mum back into bed, I  grabbed a jacket, and went out again.

My flashlight showed gems sparkling on the fall colors around me as I carefully maneuvered my way down to the lake. Crimson fireweed  and golden birch glittered in the night as I passed.  I waded into the water and spread my jacket on the pallets making up the dock. I had hoped I could use the pallets for more than a ‘dock’ and this was my first time on them at night. I made sure to not drape the sleeves in the water and climbed onto the open cloth. I placed myself carefully in the center, looked up,  and was in awe!

I could hear the distant thrum of the plants (lots of refineries out where I live) and the mournful cry of a loon and nothing else! The sky was full of moonlight and stars. I was so glad to see the Big Dipper! It is what keeps me grounded, this constellation on my state’s flag. The moon was barely there, yet it was enough to wash out the ribbons of the northern lights. I watched the pale shapes undulate across the horizon, saw a meteor thread through the gossamer, and was perfectly content.

Slightly chilled, I squiggled my way into my jacket and sighed happily. It was wonderful to be in a place I could enjoy a gorgeous sky. I always enjoy going out in the kayak at night, but this was a bit easier on the spine. It is VERY hard to recline in a kayak!!! Eventually, though, the moon moved and made things harder to see. I realised I should probably go back inside…morning was definitely on the horizon with all the responsibilities therein. But, at this moment, I was surrounded in contentment. A precious pearl of peace. I will hold it close all through my day!

5 thoughts on “Night Sky

  1. You wonderful! Thank you so much for letting us see through your eyes, precious moments that make the others softer. Yea! For a few moments you were lost. : )

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