A little bit of prejudice….

I love books. I’m pretty sure anyone who follows me might be aware of this. Words and sentences and paragraphs are like oxygen to me. I’m always eager to find new things to read and have many favorites. While in the north, most of my beloved books recline on dusty shelves. (This may not be accurate, The Craftsman may dust my bookshelves, but I don’t expect it!)

One of my very favorite authors is Patricia Briggs. I prefer her early books, I enjoy her later stories. Mercedes Thompson is easy to love and the Omega series is VERY good. I love a read which ends completely unexpectedly! (In one of the Omega books, I read the last chapter twice in a row and audibly cheered when…well, I don’t want to spoil it for you! And I rarely use essential oils without thinking of Baba Yaga.)

I ran across another author in a used book store-I picked her up because quite a few of her series was on the shelf. It isn’t a favorite, my spouse doesn’t like me to have these ones ‘out’ due to their erotic content (the Briggs books have a bit in them as well, but are not blatant about it!), and I brought them north. They are not my favorite because they seem to parallel the Briggs books too closely. The Galenorn books take place in Seattle, Patricia is from the Tri Cities in Washington. Patricia writes about fey and otherworld characters, so does Yasmine. I fell in love with Patricia Briggs first and have almost everything she’s written, so it was rather difficult for me to like Yasmine Galenorn. Too many things are similar and I am prejudiced!

Since I’m reading the ‘Otherworld series’, I have them near me all the time. (I do this with all books!) So, I was rather startled when I put a couple of business cards down on top of one of the Galenorn books and saw another similarity!


The lady on the card has training as a phlebotomist and the character on the cover of the book? She’s a vampire! I am so going to use Celisa’s business card as my bookmarker for this series. In a larger view, it isn’t just the reddish hair. They have the same smile and eyes.

Just finished another book this weekend. (I read rather quickly. I haven’t felt entirely myself, so I’ve done a spot of reading.) This one is also a favorite author. I was introduced to the series by an especially dear friend. Books recommended by friends are the best kind! I may have mentioned this author in a previous post. It is about dragon shapeshifters and is very fine storytelling mixed with hot erotica. G. A. Aiken is definitely a fun read. In this particular story, part of a chapter is devoted to a banquet scene. There are two monarchs in attendance as well as many people and dragon shifters. The female monarch is caught by her female battle lord with a book. She was hiding it under the table and reading instead of paying attention to the ‘guest’ male dragon monarch. As the scene continues, the dragon monarch hauls out a book from under the table and confesses he was reading, as well. Later, we learn the two were reading the same author. An author who wrote spy novels. Together, the two share thoughts on the books and finish the chapter with this:

“..I can’t read deep, meaningful, thought-provoking philosophy all the time…..Sometimes you have to read about a completely amoral hero whoring and killing his way across an unnamed land in the name of the queen that he’ll always love—“ “—but never have.” Then both Ragnar and Annwyl sighed a little.” Last Dragon Standing.

Books where books are read and loved. Perfectly perfect in every way.


3 thoughts on “A little bit of prejudice….

  1. Very cool resemblance. It’s fun to imagine people as alternative characters in fictional settings. I’ll have to check out some of the books listed. Thank you. : )

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    • I showed it to her today, she wasn’t surprised! The picture is an illustration and she has done some modeling-it isn’t too far of a stretch to imagine the artist found a photo of her and recreated it as a vampire.

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