A Series of……Events

So thankful I had a great start to this rather unusual day. It does make things go smoother when the beginning is positive!

Took Mum to radiation today. She’s really not handling this as well as she shows the doctors she is. I was so annoyed. Her appointment was done after 12..I like to eat on time, my body appreciates it. I checked my blood and it was 98 or something like that, so I popped a couple of glucose tablets. Mum’s was 126ish. She decided we should drive home and eat there. We didn’t get to our meals til after 1–Thus, my sugars have been messed up all the rest of the day.  The good part of radiation was being able to get photos which were sent to my phone. For some reason they would not download at the house.


It has been a real Winds-day!!!! Blustery, blowy, rainy, and letters have been tumbling off the page in gusts! However, I was able to go into town and apply for a library card. I was almost in a collision driving into the parking lot. A smaller car was in my way. It was probably my fault, I didn’t realise the entrance was in and out and the exit was out only. I thought it was one way for both sides. Anyway, I was so excited to apply for the card. I’ve missed libraries. I probably won’t go as often as I do in Oregon, but so many of my favorite Alaskan books are ready to be found again. As I left, I discovered on a discard shelf a book by an Oregon author. Linda Crew wrote an excellent story of the Tillamook Burn (‘Fire on the Wind’). I’m thinking she may need to write another one about the Columbia Gorge fires. At any rate, this was about a different topic and I picked it up. I also found one for Mum. I didn’t realise til I got home, but it appears this knitting mystery takes place in Minnesota!


After I finished there, I went to a friends for an hour or so and pretended to be Dobby. Although, I took a book from the house. It was stacked on the floor, not hidden in a sock!


I was on my way to get pizza, when a truck passed me and a rock hit the edge of my windscreen. YIKES! It scattered glass inside the window and on me!! I was a shivering mess for more than an hour. I’ve been the recipient of rocks before, I’ve never ever had them break the window on both sides. When I talked to my family several hours later, My firefighter son proceeded to tell me how come it did this and the design of a window. His dad, the mechanic, said they don’t often break on both sides and asked if I was cut. I wasn’t, but when I stood up outside the rig to brush off the bits of glass, I did get some caught on my hands briefly. Mum had a different response. I came in to tell her about it and had just mentioned how glass sprayed on me when she, with a horrified kind of voice, asked, “So, now I have no windshield?” I can totally see where I learned to jump to conclusions.


The car insurance place was wonderful and I’ll get things ready to be fixed on Wednesday. Not sure how long it will take for the actual repair, but at least it will start moving in the right direction. I thought I might need chocolate and got myself a KitKat. Alas, I forgot this store somehow has an odd humidity control. The Kats don’t break, they sort of bend into pieces. No matter, it was still ok. The pizza was stellar, as usual.

Mum had a pretty high blood sugar. I gave her a dose of insulin and managed to stab myself with the tip of her needle. I absolutely rarely do this when I give myself shots. I’ve never done it on someone else.


Needless to say, I’m tired. I am going to take a short shower, say my bedtime prayers, and trundle myself off to bed. I was going to post this first, but got kicked off the internet. I was told storms make Dish not work as well as it would normally. I’ll try again after my shower! (It worked!!!!!!)



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