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I love words. The way they roll on the tongue, create pictures when they are strung together, and how they have different definitions. One of my favorite classes in college was semantics. I was always miffed I never had the chance to take Latin (I know, now I can, but I’m lazy when looking at doing things all by myself!).

I was sent a word today by The Craftsman. He’s never used this word in relation to me before and it was odd. However, it did spark an interest in finding out more about the 5 letters!!! I looked at urban dictionaries and and I think Webster’s. It has been a great deal of fun and I wanted to share it.

The sentence began ‘Good morning lover..’ Good is relative, morning is pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to learn more about the word ‘lover’. I’ve always thought this was a verb. It isn’t!!!!!! I did discover it is an antonym of hate, which makes sense. Most urban examples used the word ‘lover’ as a sexual term and a noun. However, it can also be used as a plural noun. As in the instance of two persons involved in a love affair. I did laugh out loud when I read ‘lover’ is sometimes confused with ‘louver’ or ‘Louvre’. Three words which are spelled completely different AND pronounced completely different. I reckon spell check has a lot to do with that.

‘Lover’ has 4 different definitions. (1) A person who is in love with another. (2) A person with one whom conducts an extramarital affair. (3) A person who has a strong enjoyment or liking for something—music, cats, ect. And (4) A person who loves; a person who shows affection and regard for others. I still felt there was something missing. ‘Lover’ seems so verb like!

Grammar rules abound on verbs, so I skipped around to find what I was looking for. A verb is the word which reveals what is happening in the sentence. A word which can be action or stative finally brought me to where I was thinking about heading.  Oddly, a word can be both of these or one of them. Action is when the word does something, stative is when the word is an ongoing condition or statement. I see ‘lover’ as both of those.  Harkening to the definitions 1, 3, and 4, ‘lover’ is a word that is doing something and a word which is ongoing.

When you are a lover ‘in love’ you end up being song fodder. Hopefully, not a country one. Those lovers end up killing or dying or turning into drunken sods. 80’s lovers in lyric ended up having fun, being stalked, or in romantic ballads (mmmm, ‘Slow Hands’…). All action. A lover who has a strong attachment and liking for something is also action. If you are a lover of animals, you might just end up volunteering in a shelter somehow. If you love Sci-Fi, you might discover you are an author or end up being a Fire Fly fan. If you are a lover of a person, you will probably do all you can to spend time with that person. Again, action. If you are a person who loves is definitely of action. Princess Di was a woman who showed affection and regard for others. She portrayed that over and over in who she reached out to and what she did.

I’m not entirely sure which of the 3 definitions The Craftsman was referring to, most likely it was the first one. I do know the text was NOT telling me he was fond of needing to fix the louvers at the Louvre because of early sunshine!!!

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8 thoughts on “Noun to Verb

  1. You’re so funny! You know he was flirting right? I hope you gave an equally flirty response, the man deserves something spicy for effort! It sounds like he misses you.
    Lover is a fabulous word no matter how it’s used, but your post was delightfully fun. : )

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