Not smart!

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summer 2016

Mum just talked to a friend who comes north for the summer. She said they will take her dog next month. This is NOT a good idea. I may not have much fondness for Obi, but it is her lifeline. She needs to keep this dog as long as she is able. There are others who would adopt him if he needed adopted. She wakes up from a nap and wonders where he is. She gets up to let him out or feed him. She plays with him when he demands attention. If she didn’t have this dog, she’d not have anything to take care of. Mittens is…well, Mittens is a cat and as a cat she goes where she will. I take care of her needs and she sits on mum’s lap when the whim strikes her cat fancy. Obi needs mum to take care of him and she needs Obi. Giving him away before she can’t take care of him is not a good idea at all. My sister thought she was being helpful by suggesting it, but that kid obviously doesn’t realise how important the medium dachshund is to mum’s health.



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