Mittens Makes the Bed

I decided last night my bedding  needed washed, so I proceeded to tear it apart in the morning. Mittens (mum’s cat) was interested in the proceedings and fortune favored her when she found her favorite toy. She has many toys, but for some reason this one is preferred. It is a little green mouse.


Stripping this bed was a lesson in frugality. The mattress I have wanted to replace for YEARS. However,  it is a visitor’s bed and is rarely used. So, it remains. (I’ve been visiting for quite a while...)  This mattress is one my dad bought for my sister’s bed (her bed is in the basement and my identical one is in OR) when we moved to this house. I think I was in 7th grade and I graduated from HS in 1983. (yeah, I’m old!) I had wanted to use some flannel sheets with fish on them, but could not find the fitted one for the mattress. I did, eventually. Last fall, I washed and remade the bed with clean sheets. Mum, somehow, got to the bed and added layers. Let me ‘splain from the bottom up.

On the mattress was a mattress protector. On this was the sheet I’d been looking for!! On that sheet there was one of those eggshell pads of dubious vintage. On the pad was a blanket! On the blanket was the sheet I’d been sleeping on. (I knew the blanket was there, I have changed the sheets since I’ve been home. I just kept using the same ones and didn’t move the blanket. Making beds is a lot of work and this damsel is a weenie!) Some of the sheets and blankets were also of an ancient linen-age. As in from an Inn my grandparent’s owned and operated (the brown one Mittens is sitting on) or from when I was a kid (the ones which resemble the  70’s).


I washed several loads to make sure all the bedding I was going to use and had used was clean. I absolutely love clean linen. I don’t pay attention to thread count. As long as the threads are whole, I don’t care. Clean is the most important part. Making the bed is also important. When I was in college I learned many things. Two of them were (a) always make your bed, it makes the room look much cleaner and (b) sleep between the colors. Mittens appears to approve of this last thought.


Once made, she gave the bed the feline paw of approval with a roll. Later, while I was in bed, she arrived to make sure I was in place before wandering off to whatever cats do late at night when their two-leggers are abed.

She came back later to sleep on the fuzzy blanket which has horrible fuzzy clingons which I CANNOT get rid of. The roller brush with ‘tape’ gets a little. The best attractant appears to be cloth and then you can’t get it off the cloth!!!!


However, Mittens is happy, my linen is clean, I have a bazillion layers to keep me warm, and I’m very much looking forward to slipping myself between those sheets!!!


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