Do It Now!


I don’t often pass on memes with errors. This one is important to me.

I get so tired of living in clutter at mum’s where she’s ‘saving’ this for something or ‘keeping’ that for a project (I am appalled by the number of empty coffee creamer containers she has bagged to make snowmen out of someday...I LOVE snowmen crafts, but really!). USE what you have and enjoy today now. Play, dance, kiss, and do while you can. Don’t put off living til tomorrow, tomorrow might not arrive and tomorrow is where regrets grow.

Mum has an invitation to attend a luncheon at the hospital and when I asked if she wanted to go, she said no. She doesn’t want to see people. She won’t go to the Senior Center, people might see she’s sick. I’m so darn glad she didn’t opt out of the baseball game this summer!!!!! I want to encourage her to do some of the things she used to do, but well….it is like trying to push jello uphill on rocks. So, instead, I’ll encourage YOU!

Please, listen to this favorite song of mine and appreciate each day you’ve been given. Even the really yucky parts and when you decide to save things, realise a garbage bag full is probably more than enough.

Point of Grace ‘It’s how  you live’. 2007 release.

2 thoughts on “Do It Now!

  1. Awesome post! I love this song, and went and downloaded it. Did it now … well it was then …. when I listened to it earlier in the day. But it was now, then … giggle … 🙄. : )
    Btw… I’m going to go throw away all my snowman recycled bags!

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