The Versatile Blogger Award

This adjective means: able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. I laughed when I was nominated for this. Hooray! I can multitask!!!



  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate other bloggers (there are supposed to be 10, but wowow…)
  4. Link your nominees and tell them of your nomination.

Thank you ever so much, Rebecca! She was almost my very first WP friend of books and blogs and she nominated me for this fun award. I still do Blessings, where I first met her, but this particular one is an outlet I absolutely needed. I’m glad she followed me here. I’m thankful so many others have.

Let’s see. Seven things about me. I’m going to get creative here and mention oddities most people may not know!

  1. I used to always match my socks and underwear to my clothes. Now, I do it most of the time. You know, in case I am in an accident and my clothes get cut off. I am sure the first thing any doctor would say is, ‘Wow, look, her clothes match from the inside out!’
  2. I read almost anything. One of my favorite anthologies is looking for Christmas horror submissions. I’m not sending one in, but follow the link to FB if you are interested!!! I am also a fan of Kent Wayne. His books are even on sale soon. (Funtastic sci fi stuff, check them out!). Will is trying to get one of his published, it is a powerful story of loss and love and life shared in a visual way. Almost like reading a movie.  I love reading anything he writes. OK, enough ads. Pimping for my friends is great, but I’ll stop for now.
  3. This might be known, but I drink way too much Diet Pepsi. It started when I was a college freshman and there was a machine in the basement of the girl’s dorm. I am looking at three grocery bags full of cans to recycle right now…I drink too much Diet Pepsi!
  4. Another thing from college. I was nicknamed ‘The Mad Hugger’ cuz I’d hug everyone. I still do. Now, I often accompany those hugs with a kiss on the cheek or neck. Or elsewhere if it is ok! I was also called ‘Pre-sweetened’ cuz of being a person with Diabetes. {{YOU}}
  5. I absolutely love cooking and mailing boxes of treats to people. I often think if I had been born without Diabetes in the days of yore, I could have been a Madam. I’d run a hotel/restaurant/bar (it was a given then) with a few girls to entertain on the side. Feeding the body, soul, and spirit! If I had the chance today, I’d run a boarding house. No hanky panky, but lots of comfort and food.
  6. I’m a sort of a lazy female when it comes to self. I do not wear makeup; I rarely go to a salon for a haircut; I prefer clothes I can wash, wear, and not wrinkle; and I clip my nails super short and rarely paint them. (I like seeing other women do themselves nice, but it is almost always too much work for this old gal!)
  7. I do NOT like coffee. This might alienate most of my followers, but it is true. I love the scent and kissing a coffee drinker is nice, but the taste of the stuff is well, not my cup of tea!!!! I did finally sort of learn to make it this year. It’s always nice to learn new things! (I am pretty sure I blogged that somewhere….)

Now others to nominate. I’m not sure if they’ll respond, look them over anyway!!! (note: I’m not going to add 10. Good gracious, that is a lot and ends up more like a chain, than a fun response!) Gosh, I hope they don’t get mad at me!!!! C’est le vie!!

This blogger I have also followed around the web. He is always ready to help me when I run into things that confuse me. I have always enjoyed the things he has found to share in the different blogs he’s hosted. This newest one is just as enjoyable! I give you An Awakened Gentleman.

Another blogger I admire has also changed his direction a bit. The lyrics and songs he shares are nostalgic. The phrases he writes himself are wrenching! Check out the thoughts of nkdwhtguy.

C* is one of my favorite people. She often links to another blog, but she has become a support for me in my rather tumultuous walk with mum! (There are several of these special people, C* reached out her hand and compelled me to grasp it firmly. Good sort, this gal!)

This blogger I thought I was following. I am not sure why I wasn’t, because well, she really deserves to be in your list of blogs to read and I honestly thought she was! Check out Serendipitous Web Life. You’ll not regret it one bit!

Someone I find a ton of fun is sexlinestories. I’m shaking my head trying to think of how to describe her blog, which are made up of responses from her job. Just go and look and SLS, you don’t need to do anything about this award! lol

As Rebecca said when she posted her response. There are so very many more people who deserve this recognition. My cup runneth over with wonderful bloggers and I truly appreciate each and every one of them. We are connected by the same rainbow, all of us lovers and dreamers!

Last Stage?


Before I post the project from Rebecca, I wanted to do a quick update on mum’s appointment today. It appears the lump was cancerous. It was odd and may be a different cancer than pancreatic. It is in her abdomen (which is odd, too. Pancreatic cancers in an abdominal wall do happen) and was sent out for more information. He also told us it was unresectable. Which means, they can’t take it out. I also asked what stage mum’s cancer was. The Doctor said she was in Stage IV of pancreatic cancer. I forgot to ask him if this is the case, why is her 19-9 (tumor marker for pancreatic cancer) only in the 1,000’s. Stage IV is when the cancer is in the arteries and the lymph nodes. She does have other ‘symptoms’, though. Her back has hurt to the point she couldn’t walk well for almost 9 days( she said it was cuz she was sleeping on her side) and a lot of nausea.

Anyway, he wants to have mum get a PET scan Which means another trip to the big city. This time, I anticipate we’ll spend the night. It will be an exorbitant cost, but the reasoning is a plus. They’ll be able to tell mum and I the results the next day. Not in two weeks, when they are in the area again.

She’s pretty angry about the whole thing. She wants it gone, she says it should be gone, and she’s a fighter. She’s also beat the odds more times than anyone I’ve ever known, so it is still a waiting game.

Do you know?


If you need to jump your car, you do NOT hook up the leads backwards. If you have batteries in your camera or flash, they don’t work if they are not positioned correctly. There is a definite difference between positive and negative. Yet, I was talking to a receptionist today and we stumbled into a phrasing swamp. I mentioned to her that I had heard mum’s biopsy report was positive, which is a  negative thing. Yet, if it had been negative, that would have been a positive. So, it was bad that it was good???  How on EARTH did language jump from positive and negative being well, good or bad to mixing them up?????

This tune from ‘My Fair Lady’, doesn’t really have much to do with the oddity of positive and negative, but it is great fun!


Skagit River

Mum’s primary physician just called. She wanted to talk to mum, but mum is sleeping. She’s been asleep a lot today. Which is logical. Yesterday mum was awake and busy most of the day. The dr person has the report of the biopsy. She didn’t tell me much, but gave me veiled comments about what options mum has next and that there may not be any. I’m scared. I know I’ve bitched about how I want something to happen, but this is scary!

I was looking for a photo of a falls in Oregon and found this link. The words with the photo almost made me cry. Sheesh, almost everything is making me cry today. I wish I could find the photographer and tell him thank you.



Mum’s freezer last August or so. It is empty now. It was a lot of work! 

Useless. Frozen and full of crap. This is how I felt this morning when I woke up at 4 am to take care of mum. I had stayed awake til 1 and finally dropped off to sleep. My alarm was set for 4, the monitor was on, and I slept. When I got up to check mum, she said she had already been up and changed her fittings cuz I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there. She gets mad when I am around and then figures she needs me. I cannot believe I didn’t wake up. So stupid. But, I changed it before lunch as it was leaking. It took a while, the glue used is always messy. I only hope this one works. The fitting didn’t ‘look’ right, but it was in the package and the damn things are so expensive!!! I just added more glue to the odd looking side and sealed it down. Gods, I hate being useless!



Boundaries of fence and flower barrel. 

Buttons, zippers, snaps, doors, gates, buckets, containers, and fasteners of all kinds are used to control things. Many can be opened, but more often than not, we cinch things tight.  We prune, snip, or shape. It is the way of humanity. If something isn’t held fast, it might escape. A loose hold is not often seen as a choice for growth, it is tentative and wimpy. Lazy.

I’ve been in a world of boxes and contained ideas for most of my life. Only in the past few years have I allowed myself to escape until the boundaries blur. It is astounding how much a person can grow when they are not squished. I’m reminded of when potatoes go to seed. They sit in the dark and roots start to seek soil and space, but they can’t get anywhere. Even a store potato needs a chance to grow (and contrary to the rules, they can!).

I know there are some things I will not do, so as blurred as my boundaries are, they do exist in spots. The fencing seems to change now and again, like when life happens. Which makes sense. Moving water makes new shorelines and can change the course of rivers. I’m not afraid for myself of those new or unseen perimeters. I tend to worry about others who may blunder into them. I don’t mind myself getting into foul spots, no one else needs to. And that isn’t life. Unless you are a hermit, others will always be affected by the rules you choose to live by. Choices are not always yours to make, you just need to use caution in how you let yourself free to grow and bloom.

Happy blossoming!

When I was a younger girl….


Kris about age 17.

Trip has posted many a post on skinny dipping and it reminded me of a time in my life when bathing outside was the norm. Often we’d wear swimsuits, other times we’d be bare. In the early 80’s on the Kenai, the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) was not the program it is today. As a YiCC, we spent the summer in absolute fun and hard work. Our fun was coed and not what would be proper in this generation! Many times after a long day of carrying canoes and making trails, we’d gather in the girl’s tent (the flap would be open) and massages on bare skin would commence. Other times males and females would steam separately in a sauna we had made and jump into the nearby river or lake (generally, we’d have on swimsuits for the water part). Twice, however, I remember experiences which were a bit more. Or less……

The first was so funny. There were 3 girls on the YCC team and one female adult leader. We had gone to a lake to bathe. We were all bare. The boys decided to play a joke on us and take our clothing. They were so sure no one was going to notice them. Well, we did and as one, three of us dropped to our shoulders in the water, screeching! Our leader did not. She stood up as tall as she could and ordered them to drop those clothes right now or else. The three of us watched the boys, I don’t recall how many there were, drop both jaws and clothing before they ran back into the woods. I don’t recall what happened after that, but the three of us were pretty sure our leader was the most amazing woman in the world!

The second experience I remember was also funny. We were at a favorite lake making trails and we were filthy. Not only did we make trails, we picked up trash. Gods, people are slobs when they are out in nature! My intense dislike for litter stems from the summer I worked as a YiCC. Anyway, the guys had hiked off to swim and a couple of us girls were going to follow them. We were often allowed to wander off with buddies and one of my friends and I were sure we knew where the boys were. We got to the rocks and climbed up to discover naked boys jumping into the glacier fed lake! Suddenly, they noticed we were there and freaked out. One of them asked if we had ‘seen’ anything and the two of us denied noticing any slender teen boy bodies with pubic hair and interesting bits. Thankfully, we were believed and after turning our heads while the boys ‘dressed’, we all splashed ourselves clean.

Memories like this are what make a summer job well, memorable!  It was truly a summer I’ll never forget. The fake ‘black bear’, fishing with a 2×4 and a nail, my first Christmas in July party, and so much more.

Age and Pizza


I’ve been thinking a great deal about age and how odd it is. Some of the wisest bloggers I follow are close to my eldest son’s age. One of the sexiest men I know is mum’s age. Age doesn’t matter. Oh, it does when you are in high school and your date is 18, but that is a different kettle of fish. Maturity doesn’t come with a number. (49, the recent US president falls into that category!) Experience, education, a willingness to learn are all parts which contribute to maturity. Yet, the most important is often forgotten. Kindness. In ‘Harvey’, Elwood P. Dowd quotes his mom and reminds us how necessary kindness is. To put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to empathize, and love unconditionally is something most people ignore. Or take part in sporadically.

I’m often caught by thoughts from young people. My son said something yesterday which floored me. I wondered where he learned such wisdom. Strider told me about a relationship he was working through and uttered this gem, “If you want freedom, you give up security.” He was a CavScout with the army for a while, he knows freedom and security in love and in life. He was divorced before he was 24 and I often wish I could introduce him to some of the girls I’ve meet online. (But, if he read any of my thoughts in here, he’d have a kitten. Because, parents cannot be real people. He was completely poleaxed when I told him I had a tattoo and had gotten it a few years ago. If he knew how close to home his comment was, he’d be more than shocked.) His little brother, at 23, doesn’t have the experiences Strider has had, but he’s remarkably mature. I do wish he was more open minded, but he’s a product of the area we live in and he’s a great deal like his dad. Yet, I look at where I was at 23 (graduating from college) and 28 (creating an unplanned second child), and realise these boys are very useful citizens in the world. I’m rather proud of them.

Which brings me back to others I have met. I’m entirely thankful for the wise, thoughtful, and thoroughly fun persons I follow. For people who are kind, caring, and give of themselves to total strangers. The blogging venue erases ages, gender, and everything else as it builds relationships with words. I know there are vicious bloggers out there, ones who cut and dissect ideas and people, disfiguring humanity horribly. I prefer to keep those from my personal space. Life is too short to muck it up with people who profane the world with self-righteous pontifications.

No, age does not matter. You do.

Now, I’m off to get pizza for dinner. Something else which seems to erase lines between people. Maybe our world needs more pizza and less self. I’ll box and deliver it!


EmirFillpovle It is probably not a surprise to my readers to learn I love words. I like  how syllables roll on the tongue, how a sentence makes me feel, how an author can convey thoughts to a reader in a short paragraph, and how letters become an escape. I often would make my FB posts quotes. Not because I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say, but because I love sharing ideas others crafted. There is a flavor in phrasing better than cinnamon or chocolate…I’ll get back to you on that! :o)

It is fun to see sentences pop into stories or scenes almost out of the blue. I like to  find ideas hidden inside a  page. It is like a treasure hunt where you will always find gold! Seeing  philosophy inside a song is fairly normal, but it is much more fun to tear apart the obscure ideas in Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ and communicate with others. This is not a new idea.  One of my blogging friends shared this and I had to veer off into a thread of my own!

One of the authors I read used this phrase in a story, ‘Misty moisty morning.’ I know lots of people cannot stand the word moist, but when I read those words, I could see and FEEL that summer morning. Jean Webster spun these words and convulsed me into giggles. “The stage scenery was set for romance, but from the moment the curtain rose the play had persisted in being farce.” The reader can not only see the predicament the characters were in, but I could relate. (granted, the story was much more amusing than anything I’d experienced!) This author, E. Woodham, plopped this into erotica I was reading. Completely out of place, but so alliterative. ‘I cannot tame my mind; it hops and skips, and jumps like a rabbit in a nursery rhyme.’

In the world I’ve lived in, words are important to me. They have helped me to escape, they help me grow, they help me think, and they are fun to play with. Subtle hues in words which might mean one thing and really are completely different fascinate and titillate me. This quote is a person I’d like to see myself as, “She was a curious girl who loved the smell of old books, chasing butterflies, and touching herself under the covers.”  M. Faudet.  Yup, I do adore words!


Here comes the sun….nope!

I really need to learn to sleep before mum’s morning appointments. Sunday night, I slept little and Monday I was knackered. She walking better and was able to hobble in to her blood draw. I found out why she was so annoyed with me about it. Mum HATES having to wait and be a part of a queue. (funny, as a teacher type, you think she’d be used to lines!!) When I was called to bring her in, I should have made an actual appointment, so she wouldn’t have to wait. Thankfully, it was a short wait. The young man drew her blood, took a urine sample, told her the urine had sugar and no bugs for a UTI (I was surprised, I thought they needed to let those cultures cook, but I guess not), and dismissed her. Mum was sad. I understand that, so was I. I wish she could see someone who could put everything together. Each person she sees focuses on one segment of her health and cancer takes away all the segments. Her diabetes dr sometimes looks at everything, but not often. And since I am always bleating like a baby, they are starting to dismiss what I note. Crazy!

So, after doing a couple of errands after lunch, I decided I wanted to go out on the water and in the sunshine. Earlier, I had gone to the post and picked up some ice cream at the store. It wasn’t my favorite, I thought I’d branch out in my disgust of a very long week. (It was ok, but the other flavor will be chosen next time.) I sorted mum and headed for the lake. The wind made it a bit bouncy at times, sort of logical for my week, but I berthed the kayak on the edge where I was safe. I wore my new string bottoms (didn’t remove them, it was such a short lake time!) and enjoyed the sunshine with sugar, then read a favorite kid book.

While reading, I was seriously drifting. Lost in words, I wasn’t paying much attention to anything else. The wind pushed me out of my haven and into the open water. I was being shunted to and fro rather quickly.  I finished Miss Pickerell, noticed where I was, and situated myself to actually paddle, when it got dark! I blinked and looked up at the sky. One half was bright blue with the other half, completely cloudy. Clouds which extended to the horizon, enveloping the bright sun! I was so annoyed. I had counted on a lovely sparkling afternoon of reading. I’d even brought two books!  No matter, I high paddled it for land. It was time to give mum meds anyway. On shore, I lifted the kayak against my thighs to turn it upside down and noticed creatures scooting across the bottom. Yup, leeches. I even had a teeny one on my leg, which pinched when I plucked it off. Next foray out, I’m taking a salt shaker with me!!!

I don’t remember much of the rest of the afternoon. I did make meatloaf for dinner with mashed potatoes. Mum chose WAY too many of those, I’d have given her maybe a half cup. She took about two. It is her body! I know mine was tired. I was so tired I took two Tylenol at 830 and slept and slept. (I did wake to take my bedtime shot) I was also sore. My wonky right knee often aches and lately, the small of my back has been hurting. This, in turn makes my legs ache more. Real relaxation seems to help. As fleeting as everything seems to be, except this very long week!