A simple bow-


Mum’s bad moments are closer together than the good ones. I woke her to get her to the bathroom, let out the dog, got her meds, and waited. I ached to help her, but I stayed my offer. She had tied the bow on her sagging polar fleece jammies and it knotted or something. She spent quite a few minutes, it seemed, getting it back to single ribbons. Then, she had to tie it again. Over and over she tried to tie a simple bow. Finally, she made large loops and got it done. It hurt so much to watch her reach this tiny success. She is so thin, tightening the ribbon did little to hold up her jammies. She keeps insisting she’s got too big of a butt (she is also quick to remind me of my larger shape!) and mum doesn’t…she is wasting away and every time she tries for normalcy, it makes my heart  cry.

10 thoughts on “A simple bow-

  1. My heart goes out to you, Kris!! I watched my vibrant, intelligent and active mother devolve to a helpless stranger who didn’t know me most of the time. If there’s a silver lining to your dark cloud it is your Mum isn’t struggling with dementia in general and Alzheimer’s in particular. I know this is little to no solace in your time of need but just know you have a myriad of friends ready to step in and offer you love, compassion and support. Do not be afraid and/or ashamed to ask for assistance!

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    • I keep thinking that..she can function fairly coherently at this time. I make sure to keep her focused on the easy things- I do need to ask her about a few financial bits, but am sort of scared to! lol


  2. I’m so impressed you let her try, and you were patient with her. When we take away their choices, we disempower them. As long as she is willing to try, you are wonderful to let her.

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