Seething, Sweating, Stuffed

I wrote this on the Eve of the 26th–but it is still apt. 

I am so angry. Mum slept badly last night and has been feeling pretty horrid all day. So, around 4pm, she decides she wants me to get some boxes from the basement. Boxes of yarn. Boxes of yarn I had arranged last summer or maybe even longer ago. Boxes and totes of yarn she has not touched since I put them in place on shelves. (those two boxes in the photo)


I can’t quite recall, but I believe she has over 21 totes and boxes and miscellaneous containers of yarn. I managed to find the two she really really really wanted. She ‘went thru’ them and now the boxes are not quite as full and there are plastic grocery bags on her rocking chair full of yarn to get rid of. I have no clue how long they will stay on the rocker. When I asked if I could take the two boxes back downstairs, she said, ‘No.’ She is going to use them.

I was so annoyed, I went out to mow. I didn’t really WANT to mow, it needed done, though.  I was nervous, due to the ghost frog haunting the yard, but it appears it was ok. Although, there was that much larger frog who hopped slowly away from the mower and sat on the edge of the sward and looked at me. I shuddered and gamely went on my way. The no-see-ums were horrible, those things are always awful. When I was a YiCC, we were at Skilak Lake and I was attacked so badly, my neck was enflamed. I had also scratched it, which made that side look terrible! I had people asking if I had hickeys. Hickeys would have been fun, itty bitty practically invisible bug bites are not. Perhaps the bugs in the yard today were conjured up by the frog as payback???


Sweaty and Successful. 

Mum, because she isn’t feeling well, wanted something ‘good’ for dinner. I screwed up and didn’t get the pork things in the fridge cooked, but asked if she wanted me to get bread sticks from the local pizza place. She said yes. I was there for almost 40 minutes watching the sole front desk lady answer call after call. I finally got the order andI must admit, now, I am stuffed full of sticks!! I ordered two orders because they never last very long. I reckon I should get something else, like chicken, to augment the delicious Parmesan bread carbs. I’ve been trying to eat less, but the warm sticks smell so gooooood!

Right when I got back, mum showed me the bags she had separated out. Then, she asked me to get the tote of brownish yarn pictured in the first photo. You can barely see it in back of the other boxes and totes in the second photo….it is on the top. Those front ones are full of fabric.

And when I told her it would take a while, because there were lots of boxes and totes in the way. Well, she was angry. ‘That is not how I had it arranged!’ I quietly bit a huge hole in my tongue. SHE did not arrange them, I did. And the reason the other boxes and totes are now there is because I took them from the family room. The family room where I now have a place to live in somewhat less clutter than usual.

And I just realized, I did all that exercising and forgot my counter thingy. (Not a fit bit, I wear a watch and sometimes a bracelet and don’t need more things on my wrists!) It probably doesn’t matter. My glucose levels have been over 200 almost all day today, so maybe I should just ditch the bread and get chocolate. They were around 190 when I went out to mow, a couple hours later it was back in the high 200’s. I reckon I shouldn’t have had those sips of diet pepsi between mowing and my dinner test…Bother!

2 thoughts on “Seething, Sweating, Stuffed

  1. A delightful post, Kris. You are wonderful, and you need to remember to take care of yourself too. Your photo is fun. I can see a little sexy lacy under that flannel peaking out. It brought a smile. Try to embrace the precious moments of peace. Hugs!

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