up too long…

Mum likes sweets. This is not a new wrinkle for her. Anyone who knows her is aware she really likes sweet things. So do I, but I’m actually much more careful than it appears.

These photos are a loaf of zucchini bread mum was given on Monday afternoon. Before I went out in the kayak Tuesday night, I took the first photo. When I got back 30 min later, the second picture is of what  was left of the loaf. Mum told me I should eat the remainder, as she ate most of it. Ummmmm, she ate ALL of it! I think she wanted me to have the last ‘slice’ so she could say ‘we’ ate it. Not happening, mum!

I’m also pretty tired right now. I have messed up my sleep patterns due to wanting to be online! Crazy, but true. However, I think I’m caught up on everything for a while, so I am going to sleep and try to get back on schedule. Whatever that might be!!! Mum starts her radiation treatments next Wednesday. Or the 30th, whatever day that is! Read a well written article about life with Diabetes (see link). Now, I am off!

2 thoughts on “up too long…

  1. Interesting article! During my short journey into late onset Type 2 diabetes I cannot imagine what low blood sugar must entail!! Only twice have tested below 80 mg/dL with the lowest being a 58 mg/dL. Far and away my issues involve keeping my damned blood glucose levels below 130 mg/dL. Of course, at this point I don’t use insulin and hopefully will not have to do so. On Tuesday, my first A1c since last May’s disastrous ’14’ came in at ‘6.5’ which thrilled the clinic staff. Given my daily BG averages were running 135 mg/dL to 105 mg/dL I had expected a reading between ‘6.5’ and ‘7’ so I was pleased to see such great correlation between the daily BG test results and the three month A1c value. So for the near term I dodged a bullet and should be able to forego insulin supplements but I have to maintain my daily stepping and continue to get even more sanguine with existing on 40 grams CHO/day or less. While there are many, many diseases much worse than diabetes I’d have to completely agree with you, Kris – “diabetes sucks!”.

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