Eye roll

at self! Let me explain:


Mum uses her toaster all the time. She manages to put in it things which don’t exactly fit, so they need manhandled out. I generally unplug the thing and gently extract the contents with the end of a wooden spoon. Mum is less patient. One evening, I heard uncertain sounds from the kitchen and came upon mum shoving a wooden spoon deep into the recesses of her toaster. The next night, I returned because I  heard some other strange toaster noises. I’m not sure what she had done, but when you depress the lever, blue sparks could be seen behind and inside. I told her I would get her a new one. I wasn’t fast enough. After a kayak ride last evening, I caught her outside with the toaster and a scent of warmth inside the house. I reminded her it was not working and she said she wanted to clean it before throwing it away. I remain skeptical, but took it from her and put it in the garage for removal to the dump.

I posted a comment on FB and my sister called me this afternoon to say she had one for mum. She hadn’t used it since her spouse’s boys had tried putting pizza slices in it, but she was sure it worked. I made arrangements to pop by her work and pick it up. It was FILTHY!! She also said there might be dead spiders in it. In my annoyance, I shot a text off to a dear friend. ‘who in their right mind puts things away without cleaning them and bagging them?’ I soon repented. Not everyone is as anal as I am about how to put things into storage. Also, I’m also certain sure not everyone has such tenuous relationships with spiders who may reside in said containers in storage. I must remember to be more charitable towards others who are not like myself.

And when I clean this ‘new’ toaster, I am going to wear plastic gloves and use lots of cleaning wipes!!!

9 thoughts on “Eye roll

  1. I had a spider in my bath the other day that prob wore boots and knocked on he door to get in it was that big!!! but if someone gave me a filthy toaster id have a meltdown! lol id have lost it with her, so your text wasn’t that bad lol

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