Hey Good Lookin’

Tom Hiddleston in ‘I saw the light’ (Sigh!!!)

An old song, but fun. I love to cook. I bake and mail cookies across the world (authors and college kids are the best people to send them to. My eldest has decided he’s on a diet and to please not send many cookies or breads or muffins to him). I often dance in the kitchen when I’m cooking (about the only time I get to. At least, since HS Prom my Senior year! ABBA is a great band to cook to as is Phil Collins.)  I’m fairly good with fish and fowl and deer burger. Roasts annoy me, they shrink. Shrinking food is not cool when you have a household with three hungry men to feed. We don’t eat a lot of store bought meats, the men are also hunters. We don’t get fish often, I’m a snob. If it isn’t from Alaska, I let the youngest cook it. I mentioned in a previous post, I’d love to have a house where I could board people and feed them.

So, when we got fresh caught halibut and I was going to prepare a filet for dinner, I was not happy. Mum told me she needed to cook it, she said I over cook fish and I can’t ruin fresh halibut. I asked her to tell me what to do. She then replied I shouldn’t bother her and she’d eat it no matter what it was like. Eventually, she said 325 degrees F for 25 min. She told me to put lemon pepper on it and I asked if I could add dried chives (I was not going outside to pick any, I was too grumpy and it is raining). So, I did this and proceeded to cut up strawberries for shortcake while the fish was cooking. Then, she asked if I was going to cook the broccoli. Now, I admit, this is not something I’ve ever done. She told me how. Boil water, add broccoli, cook til tender. (tender is such a vague term!) My family prefers fresh vegetables raw or cooked if they are from a can (or in stews). So, I did learn how to boil the heck out of a veggie tonight.

The fish? The timer dinged, mum came in the kitchen and proceeded to get some for her plate (she also had part of a baked potato, some of the broccoli, and ate all of the shortcake I’d prepared for her). I didn’t like the look of the fish. It was really wet (photo 1). I cook mine til it is flakey. Juicy and wet is for steak or sex or peaches and watermelon. Anyway, I got some and cooked it in the microwave for a while. I felt like I was committing a felony, but it was much firmer when I ate it (photo 2). Absolutely delicious. Although, I like the mayo and cheese and lemon juice topping I put on my halibut when I bake it in Oregon. The next filet I’ll fry  up in panko, mum likes that and I do know how to do it properly.

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