Catch Up.

Much has happened since my last post. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I’ll catch you up and then, I’ll catch up with you!

We went north on Tuesday to get mum radiated. (Mum and I went up with a good friend from mum’s church) The clinic is a really pretty building with an info screen about the physicians who worked there. I was a tad annoyed to discover there was only ONE female doctor on staff. Although, she was in the breast health category.  As I sat there gazing hither and yon, I noticed a reflection. I tried to get a photo, but it did not turn out. It was a sign in the parking lot. The reflected words were backwards and read, ‘Do Not Enter.’ I thought it was rather prophetic, but was easily distracted by a magazine next to me. THAT was highlighting the new Black Panther movie!!!! Mum left with a nurse, our friend and I went to lunch, returning to pick her up. It was rather anticlimactic. She didn’t glow and she was hungry. So, we fed her. God bless The Village Inn!!!

The next day had lots of good moments. I forgot how to make the hotel shower work and had a bit of a bath (haven’t had one of those in years!). Then, as I was basking in the warm water, I remembered and ended with a short shower rinse. I purchased some stunning healing stone earrings (learned malachite is toxic!!!). We visited some friends who had moved to the big city, mum bought some expensive cinnamon bread (it is really good), then we went to mum’s appointment and learned she is gaining some weight back! (112 again!)

The doctor came in and we learned some not so good news. Her doctor was matter of fact and as he talked, someone knocked on the door. It was another doctor mum knew really well. (She really does know everyone) They told us the PET scan didn’t show any other visible cancers growing. However, they determined mum was not a candidate for surgery as she is too frail. They wanted her to do radiation.  Palliative, not curative. They are certain more cancer cells are hiding and will show eventually. She was told she had survived longer than many and she still had a good chance to live quite a while yet. I learned a great deal, there are truly some amazing physicians in the world!

Mum was mad. She really just wants it to all go away and be completely well again. She hasn’t been well in many years, so am sort of curious as to how far back mum wants to go to be well. I know I can see changes every day. On Tuesday, I noticed her jeans were dirty. I had wanted to wash them, but couldn’t find them. She said she got them from her stack of clean clothes. Her sweater had food on it. She had not showered or washed her hair in a very long time. (Granted, the drain was messed up again, but I had washed several loads of laundry and myself on Monday with the drains only flooding after all those had been done and it was almost midnight) Mum has always been well-dressed and used to wear a different color for every day of the week when she taught. Mum often sounds good. It is the not good times which make my heart ache so much. I hate she is a walking time bomb and only He knows when the clock is going to be done ticking.

So, that is mum. As for me, I have absolutely AMAZING friends, purchased a yummy Thai dish when I got home, bought strawberries, and a new skirt. Granted, I have not worn skirts much this last year, but oh…I do love them!!!!!! Almost as much as strawberries. (Gracious, I post a lot of  me eating food photos. You would think I was on FB!!! I wasn’t going to share this one, I thought it might be too much…..what do you think?)


6 thoughts on “Catch Up.

  1. That’s a delicious looking strawberry, Kris! Since starting my diabetes driven low carb eating regime strawberries are my ‘go to’ fruit and I’ve always loved them. Blueberries and raspberries are also good and something I can have but without question I’ll take strawberries every time. Sounds like you had yet another busy week; as I told you earlier ‘a caregiver’s work is never done’. Your Mum is awfully lucky to have a daughter like you!


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