The Versatile Blogger Award

This adjective means: able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. I laughed when I was nominated for this. Hooray! I can multitask!!!



  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate other bloggers (there are supposed to be 10, but wowow…)
  4. Link your nominees and tell them of your nomination.

Thank you ever so much, Rebecca! She was almost my very first WP friend of books and blogs and she nominated me for this fun award. I still do Blessings, where I first met her, but this particular one is an outlet I absolutely needed. I’m glad she followed me here. I’m thankful so many others have.

Let’s see. Seven things about me. I’m going to get creative here and mention oddities most people may not know!

  1. I used to always match my socks and underwear to my clothes. Now, I do it most of the time. You know, in case I am in an accident and my clothes get cut off. I am sure the first thing any doctor would say is, ‘Wow, look, her clothes match from the inside out!’
  2. I read almost anything. One of my favorite anthologies is looking for Christmas horror submissions. I’m not sending one in, but follow the link to FB if you are interested!!! I am also a fan of Kent Wayne. His books are even on sale soon. (Funtastic sci fi stuff, check them out!). Will is trying to get one of his published, it is a powerful story of loss and love and life shared in a visual way. Almost like reading a movie.  I love reading anything he writes. OK, enough ads. Pimping for my friends is great, but I’ll stop for now.
  3. This might be known, but I drink way too much Diet Pepsi. It started when I was a college freshman and there was a machine in the basement of the girl’s dorm. I am looking at three grocery bags full of cans to recycle right now…I drink too much Diet Pepsi!
  4. Another thing from college. I was nicknamed ‘The Mad Hugger’ cuz I’d hug everyone. I still do. Now, I often accompany those hugs with a kiss on the cheek or neck. Or elsewhere if it is ok! I was also called ‘Pre-sweetened’ cuz of being a person with Diabetes. {{YOU}}
  5. I absolutely love cooking and mailing boxes of treats to people. I often think if I had been born without Diabetes in the days of yore, I could have been a Madam. I’d run a hotel/restaurant/bar (it was a given then) with a few girls to entertain on the side. Feeding the body, soul, and spirit! If I had the chance today, I’d run a boarding house. No hanky panky, but lots of comfort and food.
  6. I’m a sort of a lazy female when it comes to self. I do not wear makeup; I rarely go to a salon for a haircut; I prefer clothes I can wash, wear, and not wrinkle; and I clip my nails super short and rarely paint them. (I like seeing other women do themselves nice, but it is almost always too much work for this old gal!)
  7. I do NOT like coffee. This might alienate most of my followers, but it is true. I love the scent and kissing a coffee drinker is nice, but the taste of the stuff is well, not my cup of tea!!!! I did finally sort of learn to make it this year. It’s always nice to learn new things! (I am pretty sure I blogged that somewhere….)

Now others to nominate. I’m not sure if they’ll respond, look them over anyway!!! (note: I’m not going to add 10. Good gracious, that is a lot and ends up more like a chain, than a fun response!) Gosh, I hope they don’t get mad at me!!!! C’est le vie!!

This blogger I have also followed around the web. He is always ready to help me when I run into things that confuse me. I have always enjoyed the things he has found to share in the different blogs he’s hosted. This newest one is just as enjoyable! I give you An Awakened Gentleman.

Another blogger I admire has also changed his direction a bit. The lyrics and songs he shares are nostalgic. The phrases he writes himself are wrenching! Check out the thoughts of nkdwhtguy.

C* is one of my favorite people. She often links to another blog, but she has become a support for me in my rather tumultuous walk with mum! (There are several of these special people, C* reached out her hand and compelled me to grasp it firmly. Good sort, this gal!)

This blogger I thought I was following. I am not sure why I wasn’t, because well, she really deserves to be in your list of blogs to read and I honestly thought she was! Check out Serendipitous Web Life. You’ll not regret it one bit!

Someone I find a ton of fun is sexlinestories. I’m shaking my head trying to think of how to describe her blog, which are made up of responses from her job. Just go and look and SLS, you don’t need to do anything about this award! lol

As Rebecca said when she posted her response. There are so very many more people who deserve this recognition. My cup runneth over with wonderful bloggers and I truly appreciate each and every one of them. We are connected by the same rainbow, all of us lovers and dreamers!

8 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. You are pre-sweetened, precious Kris! Thank you so much for thinking of me! BIG hug to my sister lover and dreamer! May we always fine a little mischievous around the next bend! You brought a huge smile! Thank you! : )

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