Last Stage?


Before I post the project from Rebecca, I wanted to do a quick update on mum’s appointment today. It appears the lump was cancerous. It was odd and may be a different cancer than pancreatic. It is in her abdomen (which is odd, too. Pancreatic cancers in an abdominal wall do happen) and was sent out for more information. He also told us it was unresectable. Which means, they can’t take it out. I also asked what stage mum’s cancer was. The Doctor said she was in Stage IV of pancreatic cancer. I forgot to ask him if this is the case, why is her 19-9 (tumor marker for pancreatic cancer) only in the 1,000’s. Stage IV is when the cancer is in the arteries and the lymph nodes. She does have other ‘symptoms’, though. Her back has hurt to the point she couldn’t walk well for almost 9 days( she said it was cuz she was sleeping on her side) and a lot of nausea.

Anyway, he wants to have mum get a PET scan Which means another trip to the big city. This time, I anticipate we’ll spend the night. It will be an exorbitant cost, but the reasoning is a plus. They’ll be able to tell mum and I the results the next day. Not in two weeks, when they are in the area again.

She’s pretty angry about the whole thing. She wants it gone, she says it should be gone, and she’s a fighter. She’s also beat the odds more times than anyone I’ve ever known, so it is still a waiting game.


9 thoughts on “Last Stage?

  1. My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer this year in Feb and his cancer markers are well within range as that of a healthy person. The doctor told me that his cancer markers are not in sync with his disease but it makes no sense. And my dad too gets a lot of back pain. I hope your mom is doing well.

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    • She is doing better than expected. I’d rejoice more, but the personae she shows to others fits the stats she has. The person I see does not fit those stats at all. I get tired quickly. Please keep reading my posts and commenting. It is nice to know someone else in this particular boat.


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