Boundaries of fence and flower barrel. 

Buttons, zippers, snaps, doors, gates, buckets, containers, and fasteners of all kinds are used to control things. Many can be opened, but more often than not, we cinch things tight.  We prune, snip, or shape. It is the way of humanity. If something isn’t held fast, it might escape. A loose hold is not often seen as a choice for growth, it is tentative and wimpy. Lazy.

I’ve been in a world of boxes and contained ideas for most of my life. Only in the past few years have I allowed myself to escape until the boundaries blur. It is astounding how much a person can grow when they are not squished. I’m reminded of when potatoes go to seed. They sit in the dark and roots start to seek soil and space, but they can’t get anywhere. Even a store potato needs a chance to grow (and contrary to the rules, they can!).

I know there are some things I will not do, so as blurred as my boundaries are, they do exist in spots. The fencing seems to change now and again, like when life happens. Which makes sense. Moving water makes new shorelines and can change the course of rivers. I’m not afraid for myself of those new or unseen perimeters. I tend to worry about others who may blunder into them. I don’t mind myself getting into foul spots, no one else needs to. And that isn’t life. Unless you are a hermit, others will always be affected by the rules you choose to live by. Choices are not always yours to make, you just need to use caution in how you let yourself free to grow and bloom.

Happy blossoming!


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