Age and Pizza


I’ve been thinking a great deal about age and how odd it is. Some of the wisest bloggers I follow are close to my eldest son’s age. One of the sexiest men I know is mum’s age. Age doesn’t matter. Oh, it does when you are in high school and your date is 18, but that is a different kettle of fish. Maturity doesn’t come with a number. (49, the recent US president falls into that category!) Experience, education, a willingness to learn are all parts which contribute to maturity. Yet, the most important is often forgotten. Kindness. In ‘Harvey’, Elwood P. Dowd quotes his mom and reminds us how necessary kindness is. To put yourself in someone else’s shoes, to empathize, and love unconditionally is something most people ignore. Or take part in sporadically.

I’m often caught by thoughts from young people. My son said something yesterday which floored me. I wondered where he learned such wisdom. Strider told me about a relationship he was working through and uttered this gem, “If you want freedom, you give up security.” He was a CavScout with the army for a while, he knows freedom and security in love and in life. He was divorced before he was 24 and I often wish I could introduce him to some of the girls I’ve meet online. (But, if he read any of my thoughts in here, he’d have a kitten. Because, parents cannot be real people. He was completely poleaxed when I told him I had a tattoo and had gotten it a few years ago. If he knew how close to home his comment was, he’d be more than shocked.) His little brother, at 23, doesn’t have the experiences Strider has had, but he’s remarkably mature. I do wish he was more open minded, but he’s a product of the area we live in and he’s a great deal like his dad. Yet, I look at where I was at 23 (graduating from college) and 28 (creating an unplanned second child), and realise these boys are very useful citizens in the world. I’m rather proud of them.

Which brings me back to others I have met. I’m entirely thankful for the wise, thoughtful, and thoroughly fun persons I follow. For people who are kind, caring, and give of themselves to total strangers. The blogging venue erases ages, gender, and everything else as it builds relationships with words. I know there are vicious bloggers out there, ones who cut and dissect ideas and people, disfiguring humanity horribly. I prefer to keep those from my personal space. Life is too short to muck it up with people who profane the world with self-righteous pontifications.

No, age does not matter. You do.

Now, I’m off to get pizza for dinner. Something else which seems to erase lines between people. Maybe our world needs more pizza and less self. I’ll box and deliver it!


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