Here comes the sun….nope!

I really need to learn to sleep before mum’s morning appointments. Sunday night, I slept little and Monday I was knackered. She walking better and was able to hobble in to her blood draw. I found out why she was so annoyed with me about it. Mum HATES having to wait and be a part of a queue. (funny, as a teacher type, you think she’d be used to lines!!) When I was called to bring her in, I should have made an actual appointment, so she wouldn’t have to wait. Thankfully, it was a short wait. The young man drew her blood, took a urine sample, told her the urine had sugar and no bugs for a UTI (I was surprised, I thought they needed to let those cultures cook, but I guess not), and dismissed her. Mum was sad. I understand that, so was I. I wish she could see someone who could put everything together. Each person she sees focuses on one segment of her health and cancer takes away all the segments. Her diabetes dr sometimes looks at everything, but not often. And since I am always bleating like a baby, they are starting to dismiss what I note. Crazy!

So, after doing a couple of errands after lunch, I decided I wanted to go out on the water and in the sunshine. Earlier, I had gone to the post and picked up some ice cream at the store. It wasn’t my favorite, I thought I’d branch out in my disgust of a very long week. (It was ok, but the other flavor will be chosen next time.) I sorted mum and headed for the lake. The wind made it a bit bouncy at times, sort of logical for my week, but I berthed the kayak on the edge where I was safe. I wore my new string bottoms (didn’t remove them, it was such a short lake time!) and enjoyed the sunshine with sugar, then read a favorite kid book.

While reading, I was seriously drifting. Lost in words, I wasn’t paying much attention to anything else. The wind pushed me out of my haven and into the open water. I was being shunted to and fro rather quickly.  I finished Miss Pickerell, noticed where I was, and situated myself to actually paddle, when it got dark! I blinked and looked up at the sky. One half was bright blue with the other half, completely cloudy. Clouds which extended to the horizon, enveloping the bright sun! I was so annoyed. I had counted on a lovely sparkling afternoon of reading. I’d even brought two books!  No matter, I high paddled it for land. It was time to give mum meds anyway. On shore, I lifted the kayak against my thighs to turn it upside down and noticed creatures scooting across the bottom. Yup, leeches. I even had a teeny one on my leg, which pinched when I plucked it off. Next foray out, I’m taking a salt shaker with me!!!

I don’t remember much of the rest of the afternoon. I did make meatloaf for dinner with mashed potatoes. Mum chose WAY too many of those, I’d have given her maybe a half cup. She took about two. It is her body! I know mine was tired. I was so tired I took two Tylenol at 830 and slept and slept. (I did wake to take my bedtime shot) I was also sore. My wonky right knee often aches and lately, the small of my back has been hurting. This, in turn makes my legs ache more. Real relaxation seems to help. As fleeting as everything seems to be, except this very long week!

12 thoughts on “Fleeting

  1. So many beautiful images here. Thanks for taking the time to write down and share them. It’s good that you’re taking care of yourself and letting your mom take choices and accept the consequences.

    My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. Preferably with almonds. But every once in awhile, I love me some pistachio.

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    • I’ve discovered an inclination towards flavors mixed with vanilla. That strain of ordinary paired with something different seems to grab me faster than what might be found in the overpowering pints of limited editions.

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      • Giggle – “flavors mixed with vanilla.” I am a dirty old man.

        What makes the best mixes with vanilla? I am speaking of ice cream.

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      • I hoped you had caught that. I do like to play words. :o)
        But in ice cream, most places think you need chocolate. I have found vanilla doesn’t drown out the delicate flavors in caramel or slightly salted tastes or even peppermint. NOTE: The glucerna mum likes tastes much better with a dollop of chocolate syrup added to the strawberry!

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  2. I like the way you find alone time to relax and unwind. I need to do that more. I think that leech was looking for something sweet and tasty, can’t blame him for hopping aboard 🙂

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    • Gigglesnorted! I did just have lots of caramel ice cream and am sure it was coursing thru my blood stream. I’m just glad it was on my thigh! YIKES! I’d much prefer a human taster.


    • I was curious if it would untie, but haven’t tried it yet!!! It is so funny, I’ve wanted to get one of those for YEARS because of the ease they might be in sunning. I’m so glad I finally broke down and spent 3$.

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