He’s 34!

20170731_005450-1 July 31. A day held in history for more than a quarter of a century as Harry Potter’s birthday. I enjoyed the Potter world. My favorite books were the first 3 and the last one.

Often there were discrepancies that bothered me, I still read them!  I recall listening to the ‘HBP’ with the boys and Bear (he was really young) saying, “the locket they can’t find is in the Black’s house, they found it when they were cleaning during ‘Phoenix’. They should go back and read that book again.” Thankfully, Harry finally remembered this in ‘Hallows’. Harry was not my favorite character, Ron and Professor Snape were. However, Ron wasn’t the hero, Snape was the villain,  and the books were about Harry. I read the last book this last weekend. The wedding showed me nothing is new under the sun (remember when the soldiers crashed the wedding in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’??).  And, yes, I had tears in my eyes while reading the scene where Professor Snape’s Patronus was revealed. More than once, I read the pages where Harry finally defeats Voldemort. I admit, in spite of the short comings of these books, Rowling really was rather brilliant.

Anyone who liked these might enjoy the series ‘Young Wizards.’ By Diane Duane. Fun stuff–although, The Craftsman calls these books written before (and after) the Potter stories, ‘those books about the eco-wizards’. My whole family enjoyed the absolutely AMAZING series by David Eddings “The Belgaraid”  Those books are beyond brilliance, they are real life in a fantasy world. There are so many great stories out there about wizards and magic. You just need to find them, so have fun and ‘READ!’


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  1. It’s been a while since I read the entire series (tried to read the whole series in a year a few years back, but lost steam on the last book and just never returned to it). The locket you refer to could be what is called a Chekov’s Gun, a plot device where a seemingly innocent item is introduced in a story that is revealed to be a significant part of the plot later on. Chekov’s Guns appear in everything from novels to professional wrestling matches (seriously…I was watching WrestleMania 33 with my parents back in April, and one match involved Seth Rollins wrestling Triple H, and Triple H’s wife Stephanie McMahon was at ringside…at one point, a table was brought out and set up next to the ring and then seemingly ignored…there were several false finishes, but I kept saying to my dad “They haven’t used the table yet! It’s a Chekov’s Gun!”…eventually, Stephanie gets up on the ring apron, I believe to slap Seth Rollins, only to have her husband “accidentally” bump into her and send her *through* the table…Chekov’s Gun accomplished). It just so happens that this Chekov’s Gun (the locket) took a couple of books, but within the same overall story, to finally have its significance revealed. Tom Riddle’s diary in Chamber of Secrets was another Chekov’s Gun, although it’s original significance in the book is resolved in that book, and then is revealed to have been a Horcrux later on.

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