The last 24 hours I’ve fallen completely off the wagon. I had spring rolls and then an entire KitKat. Oh, and the last of the ice cream, about a cup and a half. I’m so tired of doctors (Gary, you don’t count. You are in Australia, I am sure doctors there are different than those in Alaska!).

We went to Anchorage yesterday to see an oncologist surgeon. Mum was so tired she needed a wheel chair to take her a few hundred feet to his office. She is short of breath and is now  a whopping 108 pounds. We were waiting in his office and mum was visibly worn. Until her nice looking young doctor showed up. He commented on her being so well and I stepped in. I told him she was on stage because she liked him. Startled, he looked at her again and I hope believed me. Her cat scans showed nothing bad, but the nice man ordered a biopsy of the lump he hopes is scar tissue. I do like this doctor, but answers are not forthcoming. I felt bad for him when mum said if anyone could fix her, he could.

Mum ate lightly at lunch and even less at dinner. Her glucose ran high, anyway. She’s had a lot of nausea and pain. The gal who took her blood the last time the health nurses visited called me on her free time and said the pain could be because she ran out of a med and was off it for a week. She also told me mum’s tumor marker was down to 1,000.  All good things. Today? The nurse for mum’s person who takes care of her Diabetes called. Because mum’s HA1c was up to 9.9, I was told to drop her carb intake and not give her one of her other meds for some other reason. I need to bring her in on Monday for a blood draw. The nurse in charge of the biopsy place called mum. She was a bit difficult before she finally consented to talk to me. She heard how high mum’s sugars have been (over the last 14 days between 70-576. This morning? They were over 600 and her meter couldn’t read them) and was seriously upset. Thankfully, mum is having this biopsy done with a local and they won’t need to be concerned with anesthesia. However, the nurse was going to talk to the dr who ordered the test and ask if the high sugars should be a concern or not.

I love nurses.

At the moment, mum is resting. Her waste bag leaked everywhere, it is mostly liquid and she is dehydrated. I’m supposed to make sure she drinks lots of water, which she does. She’s tired and fell this morning, after her glucose dropped to somewhere in the 300’s.

My sister also called me today. She couldn’t get a hold of mum. When I told her we’d gone to Anchorage, she asked how we got there and I told her. She responded, ‘Good, I’m glad you had a way up there. I would have had to take time off work and {my daughter} wouldn’t have done her homeschooling and getting mum in the truck would have been a hassle. I would have done it, though. I’d have loved to get out of work.’ I told her not to worry about it, it was done and mum was resting and I’d call her if anything changed. She said great and proceeded to tell me about the rest of her day/week and that trips to Anchorage really take it out of mum.

I’m tired, too- I think I’m going to post this and take a nap. After I fold the stuff in the dryer. The things I had to wash after the waste bag leaked all over clothes and towels and bed.

10 thoughts on “Wagons

  1. I’ve yet to blow my low carb regime and now I have added impetus as I’ll have blood drawn 08/22 for my first A1c since discovering I was struggling with late onset Type 2 diabetes. That A1c was ’14’; I’m hoping Tuesday’s test will yield something between a ‘6’ and a ‘7’. I’m going to tell my doc there’s no way in Hell I’m ever going to get my A1c down to ‘5’ or even a ‘5.5’; my morning BG readings are running 100 mg/dL to 130 mg/dL and that’s based on eating less than 45 grams of carbs a day. I cannot reduce my carb intake any more and I suspect if I tried it wouldn’t be healthy. So I’m thinking if I can keep my A1c values below ‘7’ I’m doing good. Just have to see what Tuesday’s A1c reveals. Believe me, there have been days I almost caved in and made a trip to the local store for ice cream, cookies and candy. However, I managed to persevere and pretend my BBQ almonds tasted as good and chocolate-mint ice cream. Wonder how long before I break down and pig out? I know darn well it’s just a matter of ‘when’ as versed with ‘if’…

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    • I think I could do better with someone to encourage me. I am doing better at choosing things than I used to. My strays are not as often as they were. Today, however, sucked. I had GREAT glucoses. Then, I went up to work with mum before I made my lunch and forgot to take my shot for 4 hours!!!!!!! Totally messed things up.


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