We had sun, really!


We had sunshine last week. I was in the basement for most  of the days, trying to make sure mum wasn’t being bothered by knowing her child was around. However, when it was time to mow, I did the job. I knew the neighbors were gone and mum was feeling sort of puny. She was planning on going to bed early. I knew that wouldn’t happen, but I also knew she’d not pay attention to the lake if she was resting on the couch. So, I took the chance given and went out on the lake in one of my men’s button up shirts and a pair of shorts. I absolutely MUST get a pair of string bikini bottoms if I am going to do this many more times. Trying to skin out of a tight pair of shorts in a kayak is not an easy task!!!

It was lovely paddling around on the still water. I ‘parked’ the kayak on the far edge of the lake, knowing I’d float lightly hither and  yon. It didn’t matter. I had my book, the ducks were ignoring me (for the most part), and it was delicious being bare out on the water. Until it got closer to 1015 pm. This photo was from quarter til and it was starting to get chilly, but not too bad. Then, the sun sank into the trees and I decided to finish the last two chapters of my book inside!!! It was a lovely interlude while I had it!


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