Point of View-

In an odd move, The Craftsman sent me a text today. It was supposed to be romantic, but it made me laugh. I talked to him later, explained my giggling, and he realized what he’d done. Let me ‘splain. The text was from Song of Songs and was about hiding doves near a cliff and that the voice was pleasant and the dove is lovely. The dove, in this verse, probably refers to one of King Solomon’s wives. It was a very surprising sweet move by The Craftsman, but there is always another point of view……..

When I read the first line, I wondered what kind of hunting game the dad was playing with the kid. Bear frequently shoots pigeons when he works for local farmers and then has the birds for dinner. Doves are protected, but much easier to spell than pigeon for an unfamiliar texter. Doves also abound in the area of Oregon I normally live in (see photo below). As I read on, I realized what the words were and laughed out loud. I’m still smiling!  In our family, there is a history with a singular male dove. It was not a positive relationship.


Romeo. Mum adopted Romeo when birds became taboo for classrooms. About a bazillion years back. Time went on and we wondered how long the bird would live. My sister researched doves and found this particular one, a ring neck dove, would live for decades in captivity. The two of us were not impressed. I felt sorry for this bird, because with mum getting so sick, she neglected it. It was an awful care. It lived in a tiny cage and made messes and cooed and cooed and cooed and drove the rest of us nuts… Did I say it cooed? My poor dad tried to kill it twice. Actually, he painted twice and forgot to open the windows. Romeo survived. Dad died about 10 years ago. Romeo lived on. You could never call without hearing that bird in the background. Like a steady drip, the gentle coos reverberated in the ear, blocking the canal with echoing song. Everyone who talked to mum had this bird in the background, cooing. My boys often dreamed of doing it in. An ear worm driven in firmly by an almost 24 hour bird. If it heard you awake, it woke, too. And cooed.

These last years, my sister and I tried to convince mum to give Romeo away. She wouldn’t do it. Then, mum got sick and her lungs were destroyed by the chemo. The blessed physician in charge of breathing (whatever the name is!), found out mum had a bird and suggested she find a home for it before she returned to hers. It appears the bird dander could, and probably would, cause her lungs more harm. I was on the phone in minutes and my sister posted the bird on an online site. Before the day was over, Romeo had someone interested in him. My sister promptly collected the bird and all the do dads to keep him content and met the party at an approved location. The new bird owner wanted to pay my sister and, in horror, she told the nice couple WE should pay them! When my sister texted the transaction was complete, I remember hopping in joy! That damn dove was gone and I am sure my dad grinned from above, as well. I know the boys were glad!


3 thoughts on “Point of View-

  1. Giggle … the doves are coo’ing outside my window this morning, so I can understand the frustration. We hear them a lot, I can’t imagine being inside with one. Whew ….
    Here’s a high-five for sanity! : )

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