We’ll see

WIN_20170717_034517 I joined a couple of groups for this today. I hope they help me learn more from people who are inside this. I have a couple of very special friends who have walked the cancer road, but I can’t keep bothering them. I have learned a lot from this little booklet and anticipate learning more. Today, I have to contact people to come out and tell mum she might need more time to get well. That she might  not be 100% by September. Tuesday is that scan. I don’t know what that will hold. Hoping it is nothing. But, in this book I read pancreatic cancers can show up in many places. The lungs and the peritoneum (thin wall lining the cavity of the abdomen) are a couple of them. The places getting scanned…

This is a big deal. For me to want to talk to people about this particular cancer. Mum has had so many kinds and I have accepted it. Cancer is like one of those gifts that gets passed around all the time. It happens in our family. You just deal with it and hope the fire gets beat down one more time. She may win out again. She’s done it before. But, I don’t know. Only time will tell.

And if I am getting tired, I know she is, as well.

4 thoughts on “We’ll see

  1. That’s all one can do is be patient, you are being very strong for her and in turn that probably gives her strength as well. Continue to do what you’re doing and know that God is with you. You are holding up well for her.

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