Update: What to do

13112801_10206294731387507_4158854135838448984_o It appears the problem is mum. After I gave  her the 15 units this morning, I checked twice more by noon and it dropped down to a moderate level. She slept all morning. But, the rhubarb cake she made is now half gone and her glucose is back up to 414. I gave her 12 units again. However, am not sure it will be enough. She had two helpings of noodles and beef, a serving of her cake with whipped topping, and her nutrition drink she is supposed to have. She did say this evening, ‘it is lethal, but it is sooo good.’ !!!!!!!!

I also noticed there were empty food boxes in the cupboard (snack crackers) and the snacks in the containers on the counters are half gone. I know I have not eaten much up there. I’m really trying to lose weight and am cutting my food intake vastly. No change yet, but I am sleeping a lot—I should exercise, but I am sooo tired inside! I do feel better otherwise, though. Well, not when my own glucose drops, thank goodness for glucose tablets!!

Silly Kris!


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