what to do…


When The Craftsman went back to OR after his visit, a handful of change was left behind. I would use all of it today to know what to do.

I had given mum 24 hours to be on her own. She fucked up. I am now taking care of her again and right now, I am completely unsure as to what to do. (did I say that???) Let me ‘splain. On July 14 at 8 pm, she is supposed to have 4 Lantus. She forgot and gave herself 4 Humalog at 1030. In the morning, at 8 am, she is supposed to have 16 Lantus. She messed up and gave herself 16 Humalog. Oddly, her glucose was at 141 at that time and by noon it was 219. She was a busy gal all day and baked a rhubarb cake. About a quarter of it is gone. At 550 her glucose was at 467. She gave herself 12 units of humalog. At 10 pm her glucose had gone down a tad and was at 345. This morning, I waited to hear if she was going to get up for her 8am shot. She didn’t. I gave it to her, the needle tip was bent on her pen (yes, I reuse pen tips, those damn things are expensive!) and I replaced it (she can’t do that yet). I waited longer, to see if she would wake to check her blood-she was pretty lethargic. Well, guess what? Her glucose at 930 am was 576. I gave her a bit more Humalog than she is supposed to have, 15 units.

Gods, if this was me, I’d know exactly what to do. Mum? I am totally nervous. Do I let her go and see if she drops? Will she get dehydrated? I’m not expecting a coma, that only happens if you go for a really long time with exceptionally high sugars. But, this whole thing is stupid. She cannot live by herself. I am not sure how to let her know this. Although, the CT scans on Tuesday may show the cancers are in full bloom again. THIS is why I wish I wasn’t alone. THIS is why I wish someone existed for me to talk to. THIS is one of the many reasons I reach out to friends around the korner!!!! Advice???


2 thoughts on “what to do…

    • 1-I call her mum because I had a roomie in college from Canada. It just took (along with the words vase and battery. I don’t say those ‘right’ for the US). 2-it is hard to ‘be there’ for someone I know is deliberately harming herself. She does not take advice well. (understatement!)

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