Move it!

One of my very favorite songs about women and what happens to us as we get older…

I admit it, I’m older, overweight, and silvering. Normally, it is mostly ok, but now even my skirts are too tight! I’ve gained more since I’ve been taking care of mum. Cafeteria hospital food for almost a month, deliciously bad choices, added to a smidge of exercising takes a toll on a body. So does intermittent sleeping. The glucose levels haven’t been very good either. I think, when my A1C was tested a few weeks ago, it was at 8.7. YIKES! One of my good blogging friends recently found he was Type 2 and contacted me for some help/advice/a push in a right direction. I know the things I am supposed to do, so I think I was a good person to ask. So was he.

Bill sent me a link to a free site to help organize food intake, energy output, and the like. I’m entirely grateful, but not exactly impressed so far. I’ve been using it for two days and I’m sore and not hungry….although, those almonds I bought tonight are sooo good! Which are good things, but it isn’t an easy tool to use.

Most of my life as a person with Diabetes, I’ve measured carbs. Not calories. This site does calories. There is a spot for carbs, but you need to enter the info for the food to get it…I think. There is a spot to enter just the calories (MATH!!!), so I’ve done that instead. It is really hard to look at something and know I am supposed to eat 44 carbs a meal (one ounce of almonds is 7 carbs) and on the 1200 calories I’m supposed to use for this chart…well, it changes the picture a lot! Let’s look at a normal egg fried in a pan with no additives. I have one almost every day for breakfast. 78 calories and less than one carb. Talk about frustrating.

Then, there is a section to add in exercises. I rather like perusing the choices. I can choose the thing I feel I’ve done and poof, it tells me how much energy I used doing that particular exercise. I was a tad annoyed to not see sex listed. I am sure I’ve seen this three letter word in many work out lists. I mean, it is a good way to encourage people to move, right? (A definite lack in this list, though.) There is also a spot for strength stuff. I often use small weights while I use this biking tool I found in mum’s basement (I haven’t gone out on the bike Smart Cookie helped me with. I injured myself on the damn thing. I’m healed now, so probably Friday I’ll go out again). Anyway, the arm things I do are not in the list. Or at least, I don’t think so. There is a ‘bent arm barbell pullover’, which sounds like a strange way to put on a sweater. Or the ‘Front Barbell Raise, Standing, Medium Grip’. Maybe this is a sex position not found in the books I shared earlier???? No matter, I know I do strength stuff and I hope they’ll show something in the weeks ahead. I don’t do much, yet, but I am doing something!

THEN, I found out when you go online, the app scrolls your information to anyone on the site! How annoying. If I wanted people to know I was attempting to start an exercise program, I’d put it on WP. Sheesh. To continue:

One of the things I’ve discovered is how hard it is to not get a low blood sugar when I monitor carefully and when I exercise. Those mean I need glucose, which is calories, which need burned off, which mean I’ve messed up my chart and often I get a headache from the low! Vicious. The good part is, this is an experiment. And to encourage me to (I hope this works, it isn’t a book, I’ll do a lot of things for a book…….) to do a whole week, I bought this swimsuit. It is a tad too small (I bought it on sale), but losing a little bit will help it fit tons better. (The cat isn’t a part of the water costume.) I figure if I do one week, the next won’t be so hard. Maybe. I have 5$ on my Amazon account, I might get an ebook the second week…Gotta get through the first one, first!


Wish me luck and a lot of stick-to-it-tivitness!


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