one day???

IMG_4193 (2) Friday ended an emotional week in a day full of the same.

When a person has cancer, there is a lab done and the results are identified as a ‘tumor marker’. Mum’s has gone up to 1150 from a previous number of around the 400’s. The next two weeks will give us more information. Mum’s baseball game was tonight. She had so much fun. She reminded me of bread in a toaster. She popped up, ready to go, got buttered, and by 10pm, was soggy and sopping up not sunny side up eggs! It was an incredible game. I almost cried so many times. Joy and kindness were rampant.  The place was fuller than it has been in many a game and mum was shown how important she is in the community.

When I got home to post it on FB, I learned a friend from HS had died (graduated the year above me). Her last post was yesterday and showed bags of blood for what I assume was a transfusion. She was expressing thanks for people who donate. Today, she is gone. It is so hard to process. Yet, I am grateful for knowing her.

I met new friends today, ones who will extend hands when needed and maybe when I don’t!!! I saw one of my favorite friends from my HS class and sat by her. I watched many more dear people as they themselves watched baseball I talked to a few.  (the team won, another wonderful thing! AND it stopped raining this afternoon and blew and during the game it was calm and cloudy). We finally saw a few ducks today–their numbers are greatly diminished by the predators around.

After this week, Doris and I are going to have to be even closer. What will be, will be.


7 thoughts on “one day???

  1. Kris, my condolences for the loss of your school mate. That is a gut check for sure.

    And, so glad you get these poignant moments with your ma in between the harder times. You’re hanging in there admirably and you are one of my heroes. ♥︎

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  2. Sorry about your loss, Kris, but I’m so pleased you could get out and enjoy something with your Mum and the community! We human beings are so skilled at taking others for granted and even more skilled at recrimination and guilt when those ‘others’ are suddenly taken from us. At least you’re learning to appreciate what ya have and not take too much for granted.

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