Thigh Wear

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One of those other things women just have to deal with in their lives. You know, like unexpected flashes of heat or having super sexy legs as long as you are standing or that belly bulge from having babies and eating assorted pints of ice cream or visits from Aunt Flo or stray hairs around the nipple/chin/other or  …Should I continue??? This latest isn’t something sexy you put on your legs or an accessory you might purchase to make them lovelier. It is what happens to your very favorite clothing with legs, the ones which show not a sign of being worn in any place other than the inner thigh. I have mended a bazillion pairs of pants for the males in my family. They are often torn near the pockets (multi tool/wallet wear), or knees, and rarely in other places (where sharp things might snag).

My own pants? Thigh wear. Every time.

5 thoughts on “Thigh Wear

  1. I totally get it, although then again I am plus-size and I do have bigger thighs, so it would be expected of me. I think it just may be the way women’s bodies are designed, we’re supposed to be a bit curvier than men in the butt and thigh region. Unfortunately, no one has told this to clothing designers, who insist on no reinforcement for the inner thighs on their pants because they want to see us spend more money buying pants. That’s what I’d like to see: reinforced fabric for the inner thigh on women’s pants.

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