walljeremy I get Mum is stubborn. It is why she’s still alive. But, I wish she’d let up on my sister. Yes, my sister drives me nuts and is not someone I’d want to spend more than a couple of hours with at a time. Yes, she knows everything and has to take care of everyone and is bossy and the list goes on! I get mum has ill treated my sister since she was born, but I can still hate it.

Today,  my sister came to visit. She was here for a little more than a half hour and spent most of the time talking to me. Because mum sat and ignored her. Mum was crocheting, she hasn’t been able to do this in ages, so I get she was paying attention to her project. But, she could have put it down for a bit. She is always bitching about how she never gets to see her granddaughter or my sister, but she bitches when they arrive, too. She snipes at my sister for having a different faith, she snipes at her for homeschooling her daughter, she insists they won’t let my niece grow up and then refuses to let the youngster have chances in her house, she tap dances around my sister and her family and then blasts them from the water in the next move. I totally get why my sister doesn’t want to visit.

Then, I get home from shopping and find out she is going to sell the kayak to her physical therapist this fall. She will NOT let my sister have it because she does  not want my niece in the kayak. It is too dangerous. My niece can’t swim well enough to use a kayak. She has watched my niece swim and it is not good enough for a kayak.  Note: My niece has been taking lessons since about the time she could walk. She swims in chlorine pools and lakes and she has also used a kayak before. But, mum has this idea my niece can’t and thus, she is not ever going to be allowed to.

Mum is a brick wall who throws bricks. Today has been a good day. Her therapists are going to cut her loose. She is not needing anything more from them. She can walk fine and shower on her own (I was in the other room listening to her breathe way too hard, but she did it all by herself) and is good to go. She still can’t take the stairs to the basement, thank God! So, since her therapists say she is fine and yesterday her nurse said her color was better, Mum is going to be in charge again. She can’t wait to drive next month and send me away.

And I sit here pole axed. Her tumor marker is up in the 1500s again, she has ‘crackles’ in both lungs, and she gets cold quickly. Her reaction time is nil, she is often confused (she carefully wrote on a legal document it was 207. I was glad there was enough room for me to later add a ‘1’), and she does simple tasks badly (she can’t open containers, she washed the bathroom floor last week and spilled cleaning solution everywhere. I wasn’t home…). I’d run away and leave her alone, but she’d bitch she didn’t have a car, because I had it. I’m getting to the point where she makes me so mad I want to be really mean.

I am so very glad my ice cream melted and I had to eat it. It was one of the two lovely interludes in an afternoon full of bricks..

4 thoughts on “Bricks

  1. sorry you are feeling this way.
    I am often in your shoes when it comes to mothers and sisters.
    it is the reason i rarely visit my parents. either they fight with my sister or they fight with me.
    i guess even when we are grown we are still children in their eyes, but bigger and more of a nuisance since we dont listen and we think we know everything lol

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