A crazy week!

20170612_171241 I drove a push button rig which I learned was not quite as modern as we think. In the link, by the 6th slide you learn they existed as early as 1912. 20170613_185645 I mowed mum’s yard. It isn’t a lawn, it is a very steep slope of various sorts of greens. It kills my calves as I  push the mower (see star) up and down the expanse. IMG_6424 I looked into the recesses of one of mum’s cupboards for something I decided I didn’t need when I realised I probably couldn’t get it out if I found it anyway. IMG_6463 (2) I spent time photographing this lovely instrument of death while it was perched in the yard. After I took close to 60 photos, the darn thing flew down to the lake and snatched a duckling for his post photo op snacking pleasure. It wasn’t enough, he got another one about 20 min later. 20170616_200420 It appears I wore old worn white shoes for several days this week. Well, one of them is more worn than the other. I also discovered I had a duplicate set in a different area of my basement. 20170616_174530Then, I found this in a store where I was picking up burgers for dinner. It sort of seems seasonal with the white and red color scheme. However, I was feeling it an apt bit of signage for me this crazy week. I have been too nice lately and I am ready for naughty!

These two blogs made me laugh out loud, too. This friend shared a song and this friend words so bizarre, you have to laugh!


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