Lilies and Forget-me-nots

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When really yucky things happen in our world,  it is good to find what is right. Let me share, in words which do not quite fit the meaning to my amazing experience, what has happened to me in the last couple of days.

Lilies of the valley are an old fashioned flower. The little tiny white bells bounce in the breeze, shaking their subtle scent into the air. A fragrance both sweet and gentle. Forget-me-nots are my very favorite flower in the world (which is part of why the one and only tattoo I have is of them!). They are also tiny, but have blue petals surrounding white and gold and black. They can turn to purple as they age and have teeny tenacious seed heads which cling to fabric and fur. Both of these flowers have a beauty which can landscape a yard if allowed.

Recently, I shared I’d bought out a baseball park to honor mum. Well, this week I also did one of those gofundme things for the event. It was suggested others may want to help to defray the cost. I have to say, I was stunned as I was enveloped with the gentle fragrance of giving. I honestly had no idea I’d get more than maybe one or two hundred dollars in a week or two. The giving has gone beyond what it was set for in less than two days and I’ll let it run to the weekend. As one of my best friends suggested, ‘You can buy out the beer garden!’ I’d actually like to get her a jacket. (I do have a nefarious reason for this, I’ve always wanted one and if I get one for her, I may inherit it! Although, I am quite a bit bigger than she is now. Her car also needs strut thingies, I found that out this week, as well. I was told not to drive it too far. Her appointments are about a 60 mile round trip.) Needless to say, Mum is being remembered. I shared some of the names of the people who donated with her and some are from a ways back in her life. (NOTE: I did not tell her more than they wanted to help with the cost)

I am so glad I was encouraged to do this. Yesterday, mum had an appointment. I am sure my followers know mum’s blood sugars have been…. ummmm, rather bad, to put it lightly. I knew she was getting thinner, but she has lost 14 pounds in 19 days. She is now 100 pounds. She thinks this is ok, she remembers being that weight and it wasn’t that long ago. (it was when I was in grade school) One of her doctor types does not like this and we are on a new plan….So far, it appears to be working. Her physical therapists are pleased with her progress and hope to keep working with her for a week or two longer. Today was one of her bad days, she didn’t feel good and slept most of it.

I am so thankful for the support structure around me. I am grateful for the help with my project. The kindness of friends, some who are only known via FB, completely poleaxes me. Many of them, I don’t know at all. They know mum. Many people are looking forward to ‘Nancy’s Game’ and another put up a Caring Bridge page for folks to get in touch with mum.  As I was writing thank you notes, I had to blink back tears. These wonderful souls are some of the lilies in my valley, I will forget them not as I sit near still waters. They (and thou!) do comfort me.


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