IMG_6478 (2) Not everything is black and white. The various shades which make up our world tend to blur on the edges. When you are at the end of a rope, someone always reaches out to drop more or give you a hand up. Even on Alexander days, there are good things to find. Like today: Even though my glucose dropped quite low before lunch,  mum’s was fairly good. When I was sick to my stomach from the drink I ingested to bring up my sugars, I was still able to do errands. I was able to rent a vehicle during tourist season for a bit of a discount. I had to call The Craftsman several times for help on how to work it and he didn’t laugh…much. (Seriously, MY brand new Escape in the early 2000’s was nothing like this thing!) The nice kid who scanned my groceries was super sweet, but I wish he’d noticed the bread bag was split and the lid on the fruit wasn’t sealed properly. Dinner wasn’t as good as mum wanted, but thankfully I had done everything she told me to do. I didn’t get to talk to the eldest today, I was out taking photos of an eagle. Although the bird snatched more than one duckling snack, it helped remind me life isn’t all black and white.

Which brings me back to the first line of my post! What is hidden inside the hues is as important as those things which stand out. Thank you to all of you who are generous and not afraid to blend. Bless you, much.


10 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Not everything is black and white. In a black and white world, true colors show. It’s the circle of life, we take the good with the bad and try to manage best we can. As long as we stay who we are, that’s all that matters.

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      • I just feel like no one ever tells you that YOU matter. Your wants, needs, desires… they MATTER. Just because you are a caretaker AND a child of the one being cared for does NOT mean you become a second-class citizen, and suddenly cease to matter as much as ‘the one being cared for’. (And please know, this isn’t a dig at your mom, either… she is who she is, and being cared for rarely improves the disposition of human beings.)

        My heart aches for you sometimes, when I read your determinedly cheerful posts… I can almost hear your teeth grit as you insist things are fine…

        I hope that it’s mostly me projecting my residual feelings from my own caretaking days, tbh.

        If you wonder why I seem to ‘mother’ at you so much, about taking care of yourself, that’s why, lol.

        I care.

        You matter.

        And I don’t want you to ever forget it.

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      • You are so special to me. I know things are not fine, but I can attempt to see something good in them. Or not! I need mothering, I get more of it in here than I have all of my 50+ years! Bless you.

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