Need more rope

ropecat It is crazy. I’m completely tired and shouldn’t be. I am often up this late. Sometimes I take a shower, I often talk to a good friend (I take advantage of that person….), and I hang out online or read. Tonight was different, though. Mum was also awake.

She had taken one 10g ambien, one nausea pill which is supposed to knock her out, and two .5g oxycotin.   Those were around 1045. She stayed awake til 1. Then, she asked me if I could take her to church ‘tomorrow’. If she is well enough, I will.  I am unsure as to how well she’ll be. Her blood sugars today have been really off and I’m not sure it is all do to my screw up at lunchtime. At 1020, before  her meds, her blood sugar was 320. Then I had her check again at 1230 and they were 430.

She is not tracking well and can’t remember things. I showed her the loon photos I had taken when I went out on the lake this evening. She had forgotten we had talked extensively about loon earlier in the day when I had seen the bird at 8am. She called my youngest niece by her sister’s name, which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but they are about 17 years apart in age and very different.

I am going to  have to cancel the dr appt I had for me for Monday and I am going to have to cancel mum’s car appointment as well. I am going to need a vehicle as mum is going to have at least one appointment next week. Probably earlier than later. I’m positive she has ketones in her system, but don’t have anything to check for them. And I wouldn’t know what to do if they showed up. Mum says she is fine and doesn’t need to go to the hospital. Not that they’ll do anything with her anyway.

If I take her to church tomorrow, I’m not going. I’d be afraid of talking to people and I don’t want to watch her tell everyone how fine she is. I’ll go and do a couple of errands. And pray I don’t run into anyone I know….


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