Sing a song

BcgroKr7i I’ve never appreciated that particular song. The one which tells you to keep it simple and last the whole night long and not to worry that it’s not good enough. Nope, I  know it by heart, but it isn’t in my heart. Singing is NOT one of my things.  I love music, I adore musicals, I like to sing, but I’m wary of being too loud.

Mum was the music major. She told me when I was a kid I was tone deaf. I knew I wasn’t, I was in band and was very sure when a note was off. I think, however, I am just always off key. Off key is very stressful and so I don’t sing. Or when I do, it is carefully or completely alone!

Gary commented on one of my blogs that he didn’t sing and I started to wonder about voice. Did you know musicians don’t sing with an accent? ONJ (Olivia Newton John) startled me the first time I heard her actually speak in the movie ‘GREASE’. Shower singing seems to be a thing and THAT I completely don’t get. People singing with their headphones on drives me nuts and it is dangerous, too. (hard to pay attention to anything else when you are rocking out to tunes affixed to your ears) I do sing in the car, by myself! (I also dance, but that is also dangerous, so I try to remember to restrain myself.)

I love acapella voices and ones with accompaniment. Hymns are incredible works of art, the 70’s and 80’s were full of sounds of perfection, and I so do enjoy folk songs. Do you know most kids today in the United States don’t recognize tunes like ‘This land is my land’ or ‘What do  you do with a drunken sailor?’ or ‘A long time ago, when the earth was green…’ So very sad-

So, do you sing and, if you do, where???

Since I rarely sing, I whistle (which is also off key) and hum anywhere. Usually the original theme song from Sesame Street. Boring and cheerful!


17 thoughts on “Sing a song

  1. I have a good voice and can carry a tune, but I’m self-conscious. I sing barely loud enough when driving for my wife to hear. I nearly always hum when I’m alone, and I sing along to Beatles songs, most of which I know by heart.

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  2. I sing while hiking. Sometimes when I’m doing housework. On the trail, it’s often hymns or whatever song is in my head.

    I’m not a good singer, though I’m ok in a choir with other people to follow. I’ve done karoake once. That was fun. But I haven’t been back.

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  3. I remember when the Beatles and other British bands became famous, wondering why they didn’t sound British when they sang! Today anyone can make a record using autotune, or acoustic tricks like Kanye. Give me a cappella or an artist singing while playing a piano anyday. And look how successful Bob Dylan is, despite his questionable vocals. So I figure if you wanna sing, just belt it out!

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