IMG_9177 Baseball in the land of the Midnight Sun. No electric lights needed! The star shows Mum in 2015, keeping an eye on the players. It was pretty early, more people showed up as the game went on.

I was able to do something today which totally makes me happy. Mum LOVES sports, she really really enjoys baseball. She’d love to go to a game in Seattle or in her birth state of Minnesota. But, I’m not so sure she’s going to be able to do that. Anyway, our area has a baseball team in the Alaska Baseball League. We often go and support them. Some of our friends ‘kept’ players. (ohmy, college baseball pitchers were eye candy for a young collegiate girl!) They are known as the Peninsula Oilers. Because of that crazy paper chase of cash I was able to find a conclusion to, I asked and was told I could, buy out the ballpark. So, one game day in June will be set aside for my Mum. General admission is free (am not sure of the higher up spots near the announcer’s area) and Mum will get to throw out the first pitch. If she can….

I’m pretty excited. I’ll tell mum as we get closer to game day. She’s feeling pretty awful right now. Which is why I am not sleeping. Mum has gone to sleep with the entire doses of drugs she took until a week ago. She was working thru things and feeling ok. Now? Her wrist hurts because the therapist massaged her upper arm. Her intestines hurt because she’s been doing stepping movements. She has nausea because the dr wants her stool in the waste bag to be liquid. (these are her reasons) And she is still convinced the barometer is making her not feel good. Of course, the 411 blood sugar at bedtime doesn’t have anything to do with it…. She had a 551 on Tuesday. Wednesday, they sort of stayed in the 300’s. She woke up with a 121 or so this morning, but it quickly escalated into the 400’s.

So, I really hope we can get her to the game. When I asked if she would mind if I did this. Her comment was, ‘if you want to’ and ‘I’m not that special.’ Yes, she drives me nuts and lays guilt on me all the time and makes it so I can’t take my own meds on time. However, there are dozens of people who adore mum and ask me how she is and want to see her. This would be a good way to celebrate mum while she is alive. And if she does rally and manage to be well enough to drive and shop alone again, so be it! Everyone will have had an extra free day for baseball and that is perfectly fine!

20170530_154548 Mum a couple of days ago. Shopping for flowers wiped her out.


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