One of the BEST flowers!!

I know, most people absolutely HATE the dreaded DYF (Damn Yellow Flower) and the many versions of them.  The ones with thorns are horrid. Give me the original yard dandelion for fun!!! Versatile and tenacious, they make me smile in any of their stages.

They can be eaten, made into wine (which isn’t as good as it sounds!), or consumed for medicinal value. They look like gold buttons on a waistcoat of green or scattered coins on the grass. The cheerful flowers tell time and respond to light. They are often the first flower given to a mom by a child and fistfuls don’t seem to deplete the harvest. They can be made into chains and reflect sunshine. After they die, their seed heads are glorious fantasy balls. Balls of seeds which blow away to make more lovely bright blossoms.


Taken by Bear ages ago–my favorite photo

Yup, love this flower! Oddly, other people don’t seem to feel this way. Which is why I will sadly uproot them from the yard. Thankfully, even in death sprawled on a compost heap, they still manage to change and release their seeds into the world. They grow almost anywhere, putting down their root in the strangest of spots.

IMG_4957 - Copy

Inside the cracks on glacier rocks. 

I love fields of forget-me-nots and fireweed, but dandelions are in a class of their own!!!


taken a while ago—have only had a couple of shorts days in AK so far this year!!! 


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