Too much


I am not a morning person. I can be once every so often, but I am a night person. Although, like the dogs in ‘Go, Dog, Go!’ I do realise ‘Night is a time for sleep.’ Thankfully, growing up in Alaska has made me have the ability to sleep at anytime or anywhere. Bright daylight doesn’t bother a solid nap. Dogs do. (that happened today. I was sound asleep in my basement chamber when the dog frantically barked for nothing)

Tonight, I am awake reading and following people I adore to read. I didn’t make as many comments as usual because I was so far behind! I’ve had a busy bee last few days. I got to clean for a friend (it was so much fun!), an angel came to visit and planted stuff for mum on Saturday, I took mum to church (that was something I hadn’t counted on doing), I washed and dried and folded clothes, and I dug out mucky weeds in our lake bed. (yes, I find a phrase and keep using it!) Even though my entire body aches, I’m not as tired as  usual. I think these absolutely vile tasting antibiotics might be working!!!

Anyway, since I need to get up in a little over an hour, I should get a spot of rest. I wonder if I will be able to? Get up, I mean. I really hurt in places I’d forgotten there were muscles in! The headache from yesterday is gone, so that is good….I have a half of an oxycotin I keep not taking (they are from a surgery I had awhile back). I thought about using it yesterday and thought about using it tonight. I can’t, though. I’m afraid to take even half of one, I need to make sure I am ready for mum. She was annoyed with me for not being ready when she was this morning for church!!

So, there is too much to process for this night person who needs to try and get a little sleep before starting the round of care again. Mum’s been coffing and doesn’t sound comfortable…and she has ‘crackles’ in her lungs again.


5 thoughts on “Too much

  1. You have such a generous soul. Truly. It shines out from you brightly. Mind those who would steal it for themselves, who would hide you away from the world as though your light and generous heart were a thing to be posessed by them alone.

    Take care of yourself, friend. ❤

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      • Why thank you! I won’t lie, that’s nice to hear. I sometimes allow myself to feel bad about my optimism, because it often annoys others… but I find that the less I focus on their annoyance of it, and more on my pleasure in it, the more positively, cheerfully annoying I become, but annoying others bothers me alot less… but hearing someone actually appreciate my optimism is quite nice. Thank you! ❤

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