Duck, duck, OH!!!

20170602_202214-1-1 (2)

I had a most exciting experience this evening!!!!! I was looking for ducks, we knew there was a new first hatching and I wanted to see them! I also wanted to identify them. I think, but am not positive, they are a green winged teal. It appears teal is just the name of the breed. They also have cinnamon teal and blue winged teal.

Anyway, I had been looking at the lake with binoculars and getting mostly sunshine. It was about 830pm. Lake surface in sunshine thru binoculars is painful on the eyes!!! I wanted to go out in the kayak, but I didn’t have the life jacket with me. I decided to walk as I looked for webbed families. I went about 15 feet or so in the muck and grass on the lake edge, watching my feet carefully (I did NOT want to fall over cuz I was mired) Scanning the lake and taking my glasses off so I could see (yeah, I do this often!) thru the binoculars.


Suddenly, the ground exploded, just as I was ready to take another step!!!! Ducklings spilled into the water like black and orange balls from a tipped over bag and a pissed off mama duck played wounded waterfowl to distract me. I didn’t get good photos because well. A)I was really surprised! and B) I forgot I had it and then I needed to remember how to use it. I haven’t had it all that long and surprises sort of fluster me.  (NOTE: when the moose sauntered across the road to get to the other side–better forage?–I did see it and slowed down from my VERY fast speed to incredibly slow in short order!)

It was incredibly exciting to see these babies up close. I was also really glad I hadn’t hurt any of them in my tramping around in their nursery.


4 thoughts on “Duck, duck, OH!!!

  1. That is so cool! I have found it is extremely difficult to photograph the best of Nature, for precisely what you said! The element of surprise and awe makes it impossible 😆

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