some days


The friendly nurse gave me a bright orange bandaid which clashed totally with my clothing. I didn’t find any of my Hello Kitty ones, but I happened to  have Garfield. His orange meshed better cuz there was also purple in his patterns! 

Some days a person should just stay in bed.

I finally got to the health provider. He’s really nice, except he wanted blood. I am a bad blood draw. No, that is an understatement. Not only am I the rock you can’t get blood from, I’m also the legless wanderer in Wonderland after the vein is emptied. Sometimes I veer from reality  during the draw, I always end up elsewhere when it is over.

I’ve been told again and again, ‘deal with it’ or ‘you stress yourself out needlessly’ or ‘you are making yourself do this.’ This is not true. I do have tiny rolly veins, so I guess that is my fault, and I always do everything you are supposed to before a blood draw.  Water, no caffeine for 24 hours before, I dress warmly, and so on. I’ve tried walking in and not telling anyone about the difficulties which may be faced. I’m always told, when I get back to normal reality, to NEVER do that again!! It is highly disconcerting to be talking to a human being and then noticing the light fixtures changing shapes, the outlets on the wall growing so the little black holes are deep tunnels, or even seeing swirling colors in the air. I always am curious if others see them. Kind of like the pixies Mrs. Bullock had in her room during the movie ‘My Man, Godfrey,’ 1936 version. I often come back from Wonderland to find several concerned faces around me.

It seems to happen with blood draws, serious sorts of shots (flu and such), when I cut myself, or assist in taking care of someone else’s injury. I’m totally fine, til the fat lady sings. Today, I even handed the friendly nurse type the little vials and took them from her when they were full. I held tubes of my warm blood in my hands and didn’t even drop them! I was rather proud of myself. Except the place was really busy and it wasn’t fair to have someone turn to boned chicken in their office.

The afternoon went sideways from that experience on. I was so thankful I had the chance to run off in the kayak after mum’s 8 pm shot. It wasn’t a long escape and it was full of little tiny flying insects, yet it was lovely. Until I docked and realized I had another project to do, if I want to use the kayak this summer. The lake shore resembles hairlines on certain aging male actors and I need tires or something to plop in the mucky goo at the edge. It would help in launching and landing.


I’m going to take a shower and write up some blessings!

3 thoughts on “some days

  1. I have a genetic disorder which means as I get older I will have to have my blood removed by the pint! I’m dreading it! So I completely get you


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