Smart Cookie


I am very thankful for a friend who is a VERY smart cookie.  I’d lay odds he’s probably one full of a Ghirardelli chocolate chips. (OK, it probably isn’t amazing to everyone, but it was to me!) He’s a lot smarter than this chick about lots of things. Including bikes, so I was entirely impressed when his advice worked perfectly.

I have been trying to get mum’s Walmart brand mountain-like bike up and running. The Craftsman, when he was here, filled the tires (mum had two brand new pumps, one of which didn’t work and was one she preferred….). He didn’t do much else, I didn’t think he needed to. So, almost all by myself (aided by Google and cell phone photos  and calls to said Craftsman), I raised the seat. The front tire is still skewed, V.S.C. (Very Smart Cookie) and Craftsman attempted to assist me with that, to no avail.  It was awkward for me to use, growing up on a banana seat, with a 10 speed in college, made me unsure of what to do with this contraption. I whined to my dear V.S.C. friend and he told me what I needed to do. He managed to describe everything visually enough, I could remember days later and do it. AND  I DID!! It was a matter of gears and how they work. In spite of the fact I scraped the skin off my calf and was gasping for air at the end, I was pretty damn proud of myself! I think I need shoes with something more than linoleum soles (worn smooth surfaces you slide on), but I am going to ride this thing as often as possible. And be totally thankful mum lives out in the middle of nowhere with no rubberneckers!

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