Warm Fuzzies!


I was thinking about how much I have gained from blogging. I am sure one of the  absolute very first persons I ran into, and still have in my list of ‘friends’ today, was Becky. She, and others, follow my Blessings Blog. She also followed one I don’t write in anymore. She, and some others, followed me here. (or maybe I dragged them over!)

From my blessing blog, I’ve made friends who email me back and forth. Here, on this blog, I have ones who do this as well. (I owe JM an email….) I love communicating with people, in the comments and elsewhere. It is so much fun to see those in my email- Likes are lovely, but friendships are made of more than likes. I have other blogs (some of those friends are true stars in my pocket and I’ll never let them go!) and I do FB (like most everyone), but I so much enjoy this particular forum! I’m also amused how quickly followers have found me around this korner. My blessings blog has less and my newest one has even fewer than less. I don’t mind. I’m not in this for following. I’m in it for people. And people, let me tell you,


Thank you so much for the warm fuzzies. The encouragement and support you give me have helped me immensely. This year would be darker without your lights. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite renditions of  “Ode to Joy”


15 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies!

  1. Yeah, you need to work on that title.

    No fair! Instant click~bait…😁

    And then that damn manipulative Snoopy pic? Snuggling with Woodstock? C’MON!!!! 😁😁😁

    First, I was grinning (before I even started reading, neat trick, by the way!). Then tiny little tears began to prickle the otherwise chilly corners of my eyes (outside this morning with the dogs, having coffee and writing on the patio).

    Oh, Kris. I’m glad you’ve found a place that gives you the warm feelings you deserve! You’ve been a first class blogging friend and peer for me. If I told you have the crazy shit I’ve encountered here, you’d probably think twice about blogging! Haha, BUT…..

    It’s people like you who always make it all worth it. It’s people like you that give me that sense of support and community. So, thank you, beautiful friend! ❤︎

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