Rocks and Poppies

Remembering fallen military is something which happens all over the world. Here, in the US, we honor these men and women on Memorial Day. I learned today many people, from their teens to about 40,  have no idea what the poppies for Memorial Day mean. I almost cried.

I shared a lesson with some kids using rocks. Rocks to remember. I asked them to tell me about their rocks when I first handed it to them. The kids said the rocks were cold-I told them to hold them in their fists while I talked.  I told them about Memorial Day. I told them about my son’s Staff Sgt who was killed in Iraq. I told about my FiL and his twin brother who joined the Coast Guard in December of 1942, days after they turned 18 and before they finished HS. I told them how important it is to remember these people who died in service or had served in our military. I asked them how they remembered things. I was told ‘mom tells me things over and over.’ I laughed and said, it helps, though, right? They agreed.

I told them that all those memories are like cold rocks when they sit around without being shared. Then, after a bit, I asked them what their rocks felt like now. They were warm!!! I reminded them how making them a part of you and giving them attention, warms the stories and makes them comfortable. I also told them these rocks were also hope. Holding them, feeling their shape, smelling their mineral scent reminds me of how those stories we now know can live again.

It was a bit over most of their heads, but they liked the rocks.

5 thoughts on “Rocks and Poppies

    • I do like working with kids. They’ve changed, though. 15 years ago, I could tramp around and find dead bugs and most of the time everyone would be fascinated. Now, boys the same age gross out and ask me if they can wait someplace where they can sit down. Kids aren’t as interested in the small outside things today, so I have to be more creative in making it shine for them.

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