I had washed a basket of mum’s laundry today. I saw the jammies she had worn sitting on the floor in the bathroom, so decided I’d better fold her clean clothes and bring the basket back upstairs. As I passed her this evening, she was in the living room, she said brightly,, ‘Oh , now I have clean clothes again!’

I closed my eyes and was not nice. I told her, ‘Mum, you have clean clothes. A lot of clean clothes. They are in your drawers and piled on the floor in your room.’ I then proceeded to empty the basket and put the clean folded clothes on top of the stack on the floor at the end of her bed. She is wearing one of her favorite sweatshirts tonight, because she cannot find the bright red fleecy sleep shirt I bought her in February. She keeps going thru her things and finding ‘new’ clothes to wear. I noticed on top of her ‘jewelry’ dresser, she put the bag of tubing for her oxygen machine. Old habits cannot be changed…… Gods, I HATE clutter!!!!!!

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