Thoughts on Dogs

IMG_5420 I posted most of this part on a different blog, but Mum’s dog is driving me nuts…, am also sharing it here!

More than a decade ago, mum got an expensive dog. This medium dachshund is NOT the miniature she expected.  I have been around dogs frequently. I have owned a couple, or helped own them. I absolutely admire dogs who work (I am angry with Wells Fargo for dropping their support of the Alaskan sled dog race called the Iditarod). I enjoy most dog books and movies (especially if the dog survives). However, as you may know, I am not a dog person. I realize the following list is general and the opinion of a cat person. Thus, it may not accurately portray most dogs. So, be it.

  1. Dogs will eat ANYTHING. They are particularly fond of accidentally dropped items. Where or not it is actually edible is negligible.
  2. Dogs like to roll. They are more apt to enjoy this exercise after being groomed The preferred sites include dead or decaying matter. Mud or dust will do in a pinch.
  3. Dogs chew. I am not fond of being around people who chew. Dogs who chew are almost as bad. Nasty habit for any species. Especially when they swallow what they are chewing. Vets appreciate dogs who chew and swallow.
  4. Dogs bark. A lot. At everything and nothing. The barking of dogs is incredibly irritating and startling, no matter the decibel. This dog barks at me all the time. When I enter the house, when I come upstairs from the basement, or when I walk in the living room unexpectedly.
  5. Dogs like to ride in cars. They will even sit in cars for a while, pretending it is going somewhere. A car ride of 15 feet is great fun.
  6. Dogs get underfoot. This isn’t as awful. Cats do this, too. Actually, so do kids and random kitchen stools. Having something get in the way must just be a part of life.
  7. I believe the dog is mentioned about 44 times in the Bible. Domestic cats are not mentioned at all. (I am sure this is an oversight encouraged by cats, who used to be worshiped as gods) The dogs are not often written up in a flattering aspect. (Also probably another cat thing!)

So, there you are. A few things I have learned about dogs in the last almost year I have been around mum’s dog. I much prefer the cat.

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