20170526_193954 This has been a week of slips and slides. Today was one of the last straws. Mum had an appointment that was changed. We got there and waited an hour in the room. I get this, the dr had an emergency operation today, so I figured things would be late. He came in and made me feel like I was two years old, ok…7. He was nice, but frustrating. He wanted to take off mum’s fitting and seemed put out I hadn’t brought extras. I had just changed it today!!! If I had known he wanted to remove it, I’d have left it all gicky and in place. Removing a newly placed fitting involves a lot of wiping with pads of unisol (a removing solution in the pad) and cleaning thoroughly. He then wanted us to go to ANC (about 180 plus away) for an appointment so he could see it then. Mum couldn’t sit in a car for a ride lasting that long. Oh, she’d do it, but she’d be sicker than the proverbial dog! He then informed me of what we should do for the next 28 days til we would be able to see him again. Because, he’s pretty sure this is the answer to mum’s problems. He wants her to take laxative solutions every day for the first week. If that doesn’t help, the next week use it twice a day.  So, we have a plan..kind of. If I leave, Mum is not going to take one or two ‘servings’ of miralax on her own. She has missed MANY medications because she didn’t feel like taking them at the time. I get this. I really do. I fudge on things often.

Anyway, I had a headache most of the afternoon. I didn’t get to go shopping today or do what I wanted. The frozen chicken mix mum had purchased last summer needed eaten and she didn’t like it, so i threw the rest in the garbage. I tossed out a chicken carcass and was so sad, I love cooking down a carcass (mum doesn’t want home made chicken soup). I ran out of Diet Pepsi. I don’t have any chocolate. So, I dashed down to the store for ice cream. I should have paid for the one I love, instead of this one. I got out to the car and dove into the pint and almost cried. It had peanuts in it! I’m not allergic to peanuts, but I’ve not been eating them. Peanuts and cashews and some of the other favored nuts have molds which encourage candida. Candida is BAD and for women who also have Diabetes, it is nasty awful. So, only almonds. Now, I have a tummy ache and a headache!!!

This is an Alexander Day. That kind where you want to run away to Australia and have Gary cook for you. :o)

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