Maid for a Monster


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I forgot to mention, this particular post was written because of a brief dialogue in my comments between JM and Chaos x-d.

The name of this post could be the title of a new book of Xanth by Piers Anthony. The land of Xanth has monsters and romance, but even with naked dryads, ogres, and sowing wild oats, the novels are just good plain fun. ‘Maid for a Monster’ could also be a listing found in the genre of monster erotica. Yes, it is a real thing. Men and women getting into sexual encounters with unusual creatures. I’d call them ‘other worldly’, but the stories span from raw sex with giants or dinosaurs to sasquatches and plants, and then there are the aliens. One of the authors of Bigfoot Erotica, I believe, scribbled her first story for fun. When it took off, she changed her whole writing style and starting bringing in cash. Hand over Bigfoot.

Shape shifters do not really count as monsters. Vampires, dragons, were-cats and the like are considered paranormal. ‘Para’ being above and beyond and ‘normal’ being equal to having science explain the world as well, normal! Monsters are sorted into beings of the ugly, large, and generally terrifying. Erotica is art and literature (isn’t literature art????) created to arouse sexually. It doesn’t matter. Paranormal or Monster, fucking appears to be the norm in any species and it sells.

I, personally, don’t find the monsters in the stories scary. The characters do, at first. Yet, eventually, they all succumb to the allure of being ravaged by large penises or phallic shaped objects which inject semen into their willing cumming bodies….Although, I did read a story about a giantess. The author had her using the tiny Miller’s son, Jakk, as a wee animated dildo. So, the stories are not all cocks and testosterone. I do know the writing arouses something, or I wouldn’t keep reading them! Some of my favorite stories are monster erotica. Probably because they are so bizarre. Several take place during modern times with ‘monsters’ appearing under the bed, in an altered NY Central Park, or in a spot of land time forgot. Some may take place with centaurs and creatures from mythology. Many of them are just plain silly and make me roll my eyes at the ridiculous antics the character goes through before getting thoroughly screwed.

I am not sure why these acts of outrageous sex amuse me. True bestiality disturbs and disgusts me as do some of the other darkest sides of the sexuality coin. Perhaps it is because these monsters, for the most part, exhibit some sort of humanity. Unlike the shape shifters, who are human most of the time, exhibit true human traits, and are my much preferred sort of fantasy reading! The threads of humanity in the creatures tie those bizarre characters and stories to their reader. A reader who might feel empathy with the lonely half human Minotaur, who can laugh at the hot alien who freaks out the human’s pet cat, or understand a smidge of why the adventuring hiker could want penetrated in the air by a pterodactyl. OK, maybe not the last one!

Monster erotica is definitely different and I am not a maid for a monster! Unless it is in Xanth. I can pun with the best of them!

10 thoughts on “Maid for a Monster

  1. lol@ hand over bigfoot! I remember seeing monster erotica as an young impressionable girl of 39. Oh wait, that was last year. My bad.

    I found it strangely arousing! Haha….I could NOT stop staring at the penises! They were so ANGRY looking!! 🤣🤣🤣

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